Rajputana Chronicles:

Guns and Glories

The thousand-year story of the Bachhawat clan


The history of any nation delights everyone's heart and especially of those who have a desire to know the actions and lives of their predecessors. The book, in anecdotal format, focuses on the contribution by a clan called Bachhawats not only in administration, but also in protection of the sovereignty of state. The social, cultural and political dimensions of Bachhawats have also been discussed along with relevant photographs and illustrations. The research in this book is significantly based on interviews with concerned people and bards, compilation of scientific papers, historical records and photographs. All dates/years are in Common Era (CE); however, star (*) indicates estimated year. The whole book is divided into two volumes.

Guns and Glories

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The Bachhawats who belong to the feudal aristocratic order of former states of Rajputana (Rajasthan) and Mewar, in particular, faced many ups and downs of life. They were brave and many sacrificed their lives fighting for the state. They were visionary administrators par excellence although at times they were suspected to be anti-state and pro-Mughal/British regime. They suffered the vicissitudes of fortune, having had to face court displeasure, exile and even attempts on their life, prompted by their detractors. They were honoured and respected by both Mughals and British, which made their masters jealous. Therefore, this is a story of thousand years of a clan, which has stood the test of time and the triumphs and tribulations in the most admirable way.

The history of Rajputana explains that many members of Bachhawat clan have served the rulers of Jodhpur, Bikaner and Mewar with complete fidelity, loyalty and devotion. From Rao Kirtipal to Raja Sagar to Bachhawat Karam Chand and from Mehta Agar Chand to Mehta Rai Pannalal, almost for 1000 years, the political elites of the clan participated in many battles and invasions. They were brave, chivalrous and even sacrificed their lives in the process.

 Vanity and Virtues

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The second volume of Rajputana Chronicles, which shall be published in due course, will deal with social-cultural life, values and prejudices of Bachhawats. These shall be fascinating stories of Bachhawats brought up in the values and prejudices of an orthodox Hindu feudal aristocratic home. This shall include mode of greetings, forms of addressing, etiquettes and attires which were important for maintenance of traditional cultural patterns among the clan members. While the abodes of Bachhawats are the characteristics of mansions decided by the social status of the owner, the kitchen is a sacred space and food is an offering to the divine.

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Every worthy reader after going through this will realize that the clan of Bachhawat is of old school, wherein each member has served the State with complete devotion to their masters. They spared neither life nor property for the good of their masters and every member of this family was rightly rewarded with good deserving posts of Pradhans, Kiledars, Jagirdars and Hakims.

Mandalgarh Fort