A two-day practical workshop to empower your mind

It is a powerful workshop to master the mind. We will learn how to be in control, how to get more juice out of life, how to change our emotive states, our actions and thus the results we produce in our body – all in a matter of moments.

We can choose to push buttons that play ‘songs’ of happiness and joy or we can push buttons that create pain. We could also re-record over the mental disk – take the old memories and change them.

Whatever experiences we have stored in the mind are represented through five senses – sight, sound, touch, taste and smell. In other words we experience the world in the form of visual, auditory and kinaesthetic modalities.

It is a two-day seminar in which, participants learn everything from how to run their brain most effectively to eat, breath and exercise in a way that maximises personal energy.

If I were to say in two words what this seminar is about, I’d say: Producing results!

Maybe you’d like to be a better communicator, develop a more loving relationship, and learn more rapidly, become healthier, or earn more money. You can create all these things for yourself, and much more, through this seminar.

  • The Birth of Excellence: Belief – Handled effectively, beliefs can be most powerful forces for creating good in your life. On the other hand, beliefs that limit your actions and thoughts can be devastating.
  • The Seven Lies of Success – Lie is a useful way to remind us that no matter how much we believe in a concept, we should be open to other possibilities and learning.
  • Mastering Your Mind: How to Run Your Brain – “What if in the middle of an argument you remembered the first time you kissed her or held hand – and you made that picture big and close and bright again?” …And the argument disappears.
  • The Syntax of Success – The order in which things are presented causes them to register in the brain in a specific way.
  • How to Elicit Someone’s Strategy – Locksmith plays with a lock, hears things you aren’t hearing, sees things you aren’t seeing, feels things you aren’t feeling and somehow he manages to figure out the entire combination to a safe.
  • Physiology: The Avenue of Excellence – If you change your physiology – that is, your posture, your breathing patterns, your muscle tension, and your tonality – you instantly change your internal representations and your state.
  • Energy: The fuel of Excellence – You’ve been learning to run your brain. Now you must learn how to run your body.