Can Faith Move Mountains?

Faith can move mountains – Faith is nothing but a strong thought of DETERMINATION at every step of your life.

A very important and influential aspect of our lives which we sometimes do not give adequate importance to, is how determined we remain at every step of our lives and how we use that power of determination to conquer different types of obstacles.

The extract from my book Rajputana Chronicles: Guns & Glories,

“During early 8th century AD, within a few decades of the birth of Islam, the Muslims started attacking India. Bappa Rawal, who ruled Chittor, fought and defeated the Arab invaders in the country. He also turned the tide against them and dominated the aliens in their own territory, namely Sind. After the resounding defeats of the caliphate at the hands of Bappa, for next few hundred years there were no more Islamic incursions into India (note, that the Muslim historians rarely recorded the defeats of their kings).”

So this is a good example of determination by Bappa Rawal, to keep Muslim invaders at bay from 7th to 10th century. Later, when the internal unity weakened the invaders succeeded. Today, even after 70 years of Independence, the Kashmir issue is not resolved due to lack to determination.

Also, determination means that no matter how strong the winds of different negative situations may be, remembering that my stable internal state of mind is more powerful than the external situation and if we remain strong, the situation will weaken and go away within a very short period of time. So it’s not about fighting the situation in different ways but it’s about changing the different scenes of the situation so that they become as per what you desire, with the help of your inner power.

Very often situations are not as per our desires and we can keep fighting externally to bring them to what we want. Sometimes we may succeed and sometimes we may not, largely because our internal state of mind is not powerful enough and also the power of determination inside our minds is lacking.

Determination is a power of the mind, which is present inside each one of us to some extent and we all can increase it as much as we want. First, the realization needs to be there that I need to become determined with following aims and objectives:

  • Challenge my life’s negative situations or
  • Even improve my nature as a person or
  • Become successful in every sphere of my life or
  • Give love and keep good wishes for everyone or
  • Make my relationships more beautiful and full of peace, love and joy or
  • Make a rich career or
  • Shape up my role in a positive manner, etc.

Without determination, anything we do on an external level, we will not be able to achieve its desired aim and objective because the moment we begin our journey of fulfilling our aim, there could be an obstacle in our path and the moment we see the obstacle, we may not have the spiritual power to cross the obstacle. The spiritual power that needs to exist in our mind should be in the form of thoughts and feelings as well as an attitude full of hope, patience and of course, determination.

So, developing your internal power, the power of the mind, based on mental strength and not physical strength or the strength of our role or position which we might possess, will make us free from the influence of difficult situations of varying intensity. And it will also change them in a short period of time or make them positive soon. Practice meditation…!

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