Can I Create a destiny of my choice … It’s only one thought away

In this information age, we have an overflow of knowledge. Does it matter or can we listen, read and watch everything that is fed to us.

Like food is a vital part of our body, information is the food for the mind. Every piece of information we consume becomes the source of our thoughts. Our every thought is followed by a feeling. Feelings over a period of time develop our attitude. Attitude comes out into action. Any action done repeatedly becomes a habit. All our habits put together is our personality. Our personality radiates energy and as will be the energy we send out, so will be the energy we receive according to the law of karma, which becomes our destiny.

Simple formula Information = Destiny.

Let us take simple scenes of our life and check how we react:

  • Your child has not reached home and phone is not reachable … are thoughts of worry, anxiety and mishap natural?
  • You have worked very hard on an assignment and you get criticism in return … are thoughts of hurt natural?
  • You expect someone to behave in a particular way and they just do not seem to understand … are thoughts of irritation and anger natural?

We live in a world where uncomfortable emotions like stress, anger, rejection, hurt, jealousy, and resentment are being called natural. This chain of emotions means we are creating a disturbed mind, diseased body and conflicting relationships.

We want a destiny of peace, love, happiness, health, wealth and harmony. To change our destiny, we will need to create the right thoughts and to make that happen in a natural way, we need to consume pure information.

Let us begin the day with ten minutes of healthy information. Spiritual information can be our friend on this journey. Just read a little piece of spiritual information and read every word and feel the mind getting strengthened to cross the challenge in a dignified way.

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