Communication is all in the Mind

The communication takes place between the brains of the people involved.

The ‪#‎EmperorAkbar‬ in his Lahore court came down to receive ‪#‎Acharya‬‪#‎JinchandraSuri‬ and after exchanging pleasantries, he said,
“I have asked you to come here all the way from Gujarat to benefit from your thoughts at the religious meetings”.

During one such discussion with Emperor, the Acharya said,
“When we create thoughts, they are vibrations and they radiate to people. It is a telepathy. Can we afford to create thoughts which we do not wish other people to know? Let us take care of our thoughts like we take care of our words. The negative thoughts we send people keep reaching them and then at the slightest trigger, even a simple word, get a powerful negative reaction from them.”

He narrated a story, “There lived a ‘Saas’ and ‘Bahu’, who were always at logger heads. They both thought negative about each other. One day, the Saas decided to change her way of talking to please her Bahu. When she met her Bahu, she spoke very sweetly. Yet the Bahu flared up. The sister-in law and her husband who were, witness to this incident was taken aback.”
Acharya explained, “The fact is that though there was affection on her lips, but she maintained negative thoughts in her mind…!”

Has it happened to us? Often..! Whether we are receiving from them or are creating them, let us not keep negative thoughts on our mind, let us transform them and radiate pure energy. The communication takes place between the brains of the people involved, proving that it is ALL IN THE MIND.

Jaysom notes in ‘‪#‎KaramChand‬ Vansho-Kirtankam’ that Emperor Akbar, while in Lahore dealing with the Uzbeks had sought to subjugate the upper Indus valley to secure the frontier provinces. He sent an army to conquer Kashmir in the upper Indus basin. In 1585 AD, Ali Shah surrendered after a bloodbath to the Mughals, but another of his sons, Yaqub, crowned himself as king, and led a stubborn resistance to Mughal armies.

In 1592 AD, Emperor Akbar asked Diwan Karam Chand ‪#‎Bachhawat‬, Man Singh and the Vachak Mahimraj (Senior Jain preacher & story teller) to accompany him to Kashmir in the boat through river Jhelum. Diwan Karam Chand made elaborate arrangements, such as tents, logistics, also vegetarian food cooked by Brahmin, a mahatma and tantric to accompany the entourage for warding off any evil enroute, etc.

Sensing trouble from the rebels, Diwan Karam Chand, the most trustworthy and gallant official was dispatched for the protection of imperial Anantnag at the behest of Emperor. Remembering the Acharya’s words about ‘Communication is all in the minds’; Karam Chand successfully captured the rebels without any bloodshed.

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