Deserve only and you need not desire

“Deserve only and you need not desire”

“If you really deserve, objects reach you on their own accord. The law is unfailing. It never happens that you richly deserve something and you are denied it. It is a misconception. It you fail to achieve your objective, remember that you do not deserve it. Something has gone wrong with your effort. Look into it. Deserve. Everything falls into its place”, says says Sundandaji, daughter disciple of Swami Parthasarthy.

There is a saying, “First deserve and then desire”. Vendata says, “Deserve only and you need not desire”. God helps those who help themselves. This is the law of nature. When you put in effort, when you fully deserve anything, you get it. But without effort, without deserving you will never get it.

Law of Causation

There is a cause for an effect and an effect for a cause. From the very beginning of the world cause-effect relationship was engrained in it. Coconut seed has always produced coconut tree and coconut tree produced coconut seed. Egg has been the cause of hen and hen the cause of egg. Man has been son of his father and father of his son.

Law of causation as applicable to man falls under two heads. They are the law of destiny and law of Karma. Law of destiny connects your past with your present status. Whereas law of karma deals with your past, present and future. The law of karma is complete and comprehensive.

Law of Destiny

The nature of man is the cumulative effect of all his past thoughts, desires and actions. Part activities are the cause. Present nature is the effect. This effect is called destiny. Your present destiny is therefore a result of your past. You cannot alter them. You are victim of your past actions.

If you have had education in the past you are a literate today. If not, you are an illiterate. You have set. If you have had spiritual training in the past you enjoy peace and harmony at present. If not, you are agitated and sorrowful today. If you pull the trigger in a gun the bullet must travel in the direction of the barrel you have set. The bullet has left the barrel. It must take its course and strike the target.

Do not take anything for granted. Accept that which is logical and scientific. You will be able to direct your life properly according to the principle of causation.

Destiny is therefore a part of the scientific law relating to cause and effect. You are the creator of your destiny. People believe that destiny is pre-ordained by God. It is not so. God has nothing to do with the types of thoughts, desire4s and actions coming from you. God only enables you to think, desire and act. But God does not interfere with the nature and quality of your thoughts, desires and actions. The quality of activities is entirely your making. You are responsible for their positive or negative character. God is like a contractor who executes your plans. It would therefore be unfair to blame God for your destiny.

The law of destiny explains your present status with respect to your past. Law of Karma is an extension of law of destiny. The law covers your past, present and future. You are the producer of your future. This we shall cover in next BLOG.


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