Do Not Underestimate the Power of THOUGHTS

Do not underestimate the power of #THOUGHTS..!

On a subtler level, many of us have the experience of basic #telepathy – I was just thinking of you and you called. Thoughts connect individuals over large distances. Doctors may not agree with me but over 90% of the physical body’s illnesses have a psychosomatic (mental) origin i.e. they are a direct or indirect result of our state of mind. That makes the human body the prime example of how thoughts affect matter.

What are thought vibrations?

The word #atmosphere has two meanings. One refers to the physical air around us and the other to the more subtle effect that thought vibrations create in a particular space.

No one can deny that the atmosphere of a crowded #restaurant is different from that of a #temple. This is mainly because of the effect of different types of thoughts and feelings in that space. Even someone deaf and blind would have the ability to pick up the difference.

Sound vibrations are invisible but their impact isn’t. A pneumatic drill or a jet engine breaking the sound barrier jolts both our minds (non-physical effect) and the walls of our houses (physical effect). Thought vibrations can’t be seen but their non-physical as well as physical impact is even more powerful and influential. The panic that people generate during a #stampede or an #earthquake and the euphoria (absolute joy) of victory in a cricket game are examples of how thoughts create an atmosphere.

My Action: Whatever the kinds of personality of the person, if there is this one aim of taking and giving good wishes, there is positivism in every interaction. Attention is paid to make every word and action full of positivism. Words spoken only give happiness to others and give some kind of support to the other person to be better than what he is.

My Experience: When I understand the importance of having good wishes for all, I am able to receive good wishes from others too. I am able to be free from the influence of the negativity of the situations and people. So I constantly experience inner happiness and contentment, even if I don’t get something outwardly.

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