Do Thoughts Play Any Role in Relationships?

Relationships can be defined on the surface as a state in which two or more people are connected, the state of being related or interrelated or if the definition is expanded, the way in which two people, talk to, regard and behave towards each other, and deal with each other.

Gokul Chand (2)Mehta Gokal Chand (1807-78), grandson of former Pradhan Mehta Devi Chand, was intelligent, brave and religious person succeeded his uncle Mehta Sher Singh as Pradhan of Mewar in 1856. He was once attending a discourse from Acharya Udaichandji with his father Mehta Swaroop Chand. Acharya while talking about relationship said,

“If we see relationships from a deeper perspective – relationships are not only what we do or say to each other, but are built on the basis of what we think about each other. So relationships, when seen from a higher plane, are an exchange of energy at the level of thoughts and feelings, and then words and actions thereafter.”

Acharya continues, “It is important to base them on the right belief systems. One major incorrect belief that we carry inside ourselves with regards to our relationships is that relationships are all about behaving and talking in the right manner, because we think people see, know and judge only what we speak and do, they do not sense what we think, and so we don’t give enough significance to our thoughts.”

When we interact with someone let us take care that along with the right action our thoughts are also right. If we have negative thoughts containing any type of impurity of hatred, greed, jealousy, resentment, selfishness, ego and we perform pure actions filled with the energy of virtues, we will not be able to satisfy the other person. In all our relationships, it is the intention, energy or vibrations that we transmit, matter more than the action.

The chivalrous Mehta Gokul Chand took part in a few battles to capture the rebel Jagirdars.  He recaptured the Fort of Argia in a fierce battle, which was seized unrightfully by an heir who challenged Maharana’s authority. He was honoured by Maharana Swarup Singh for showing extra ordinary bravery and was rewarded with the grant of Jagir to his family for extra ordinary services.

Mehta Gokal Chand served his masters faithfully as Pradhan and in various capacities till his last breath, that is, up to the reign of Maharana Sajjan Singh. In 1878, Mehta Gokal Chand, Pradhan of Mewar and Kiledar of Mandalgarh Fort, passed away at Udaipur. All the 52 villages of Oswals at Mandalgarh were invited for the ‘mratyu-bhoj’ (meals ceremony on death). A Chatri (cenotaph) built in his memory by the side of Jaleshwar Lake at Mandalgarh, still stands tall as a landmark.Chatri of Mehta Gokal Chand (L) & Mehta Agar Chand (R) at Jaleshwar Lake

2 thoughts on “Do Thoughts Play Any Role in Relationships?

  1. The crux of the article perfectly exhibits essence of relation energy or vibrations that we transmit, matter more than the action.

    1. Thanks Gayatri. Yes positive vibrations through loving nature..! The ones who are loving are able to involve others in everything they do with their love. So whatever the task maybe, they find it to be very easy and are able to accomplish the biggest task with ease.

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