Does a Physician Live in Me?

Within each one of us, lives a wise Physician

You can choose to be happy much of the time or not. You can choose to create a life filled with melodrama or a life filled with peace and joy. The choice is yours. Today, remembering my sister late Jeewan Prabha Mehta on her 77th birth anniversary. She was born on 19 September 1945, married to late Ajeet Singh Mehta, IAS on 20 November 1964 and passed away on 21 July 1999 at Udaipur. I was beside the strong will-power lady, when she breathed her last.

Yes, it reminds me of my elder sister who would visit Mumbai for Chemotherapy at Tata Memorial Hospital, under Doctor Suresh Advani, a specially-abled, wheelchair physician oncologist. Anyone heard about him?

I think it was 1997-98. Every person my sister met, frightened her with most grave and ugly picture about chemotherapy. Anyway, my sister had full trust in me. As she always came a day earlier from Udaipur, I would reprogram her mind, besides energy healing, acupressure and other alternate wellness technics to uplift her spirits.

Doctor Advani, a wheelchair celebrity physician oncologist, once said,

“Captain, your sister Mrs Jeewan Prabha is an extra ordinary patient. She is courageous and highly positive lady”.

I didn’t share with him that her mind has been programmed. It’s a different story, she didn’t live long but she lived each day cheerfully.

We can help ourselves toward good health by choosing words and images that allow us to promote good health. For example, a patient going in for chemotherapy treatment may be thinking about the procedure with fright, seeing it as a hurtful poison and thinking on possible unpleasant side effects. Conversely, the patient may view it as powerful tool that can help them to get well. A healthier image? Within each one of us, lives a wise Physician.

Sharing some pictures of mine with her.

My sister Jeewan on the left and my borther Bhim Singh on my right. 1955 at Tonk. My father was Collector then.
1964 – Jeewan prabha’s wedding proposal picture.



Oct 1998 – When Jeewan Prabha lasted visited my new home in Mumbai: Visitor’s Book.
1964 – My sister Jeewan Prabha and her husband Ajeet Singh Mehta at wedding reception in Calcatta.

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  1. Mama you were a wonderful and loving brother to her and her blessings are forever with you. Thanks for this beautiful article and pictures. Yes, a strong mind can carry a weak body but a weak mind cannot carry even a strong body, as SriSri Ravi Shankar says.

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