Have you heard about the battle of Boeda (बोएडा) of 1884? Extract from #RajaputanaChronicles: #GunsandGlories:

On the issue of succession, Maharana Sajjan Singh ordered Rawat Kesari Singh to resign from Boeda and come to Udaipur. Kesari Singh refused to obey orders and continued his defiance.

Eminent historian RK Gupta writes in his book ‘Studies in Indian History: Rajasthan through the Ages’,
“Thereupon the Maharana sent government officials and troops to attach Jagir of Boeda on the 19th March 1884. The troops consisting of Shambhu Paltan, Sajjan Paltan, First Cavalry and two guns were placed under the joint command of Mehta Laxmilal, Commanding Officer Jahazpur Military and Mr Lonorgan, (an Irish man employed by Durbar since 1877 to drill Mewar troops). Levies of various Chiefs of Chittor and Kherwara district also joined them under the command of Rasaldar Gulsher Khan.”

Mehta Lakshmilal, while addressing troops asked Mr Lonorgan about the preparedness of his troops. Lonorgan in his usual boasting style said, “Commander, I am very optimistic about the victory at Boeda campaign.”

Mehta Lakshmilal, Military Commander at Jahajpur and Hakim

To which Mehta Lakshmilal, the Military Commander, replied,
“Today I want to clear up a big misconception – the idea that optimism is a good or helpful quality to have, specifically with regards to battle preparedness. But what I’ve seen is that in fact, optimists fail more often than not. Their optimism is based on unrealistic expectations. When the going gets tough, they’re pretty quick to give up. The people most likely to succeed at anything in life are the ones who expect their path to be difficult, and are determined to follow it. Are we ready?”

The village was attacked on the 6th April, 1884, which was boldly defended by about 400 men of Kesari Singh. However, Kesari Singh’s men lost heart before the fire of the guns and the attack of Cavalry. They fled leaving four persons dead and twelve wounded. Rasaldar Gulsher Khan also achieved martyrdom in the battle.

Mehta Pannalal writes in his book ‘Swa-Jeewani’ (Autobiography), “The State troops under the command of Mehta Laxmilal pursued and arrested Kesari Singh including several others, their wives and children. Kesari Singh tied to gun-carriage and others were brought to Udaipur on 12th April, 1884. The women and children were treated with respect and care.”

My views, “I see this attitude a lot, that people either wish they were more optimistic, or else they’re happy that they are optimistic.  And people who feel optimistic are usually proud of themselves for feeling that way, and usually very confident that they’ll succeed.  I’ve noticed that people who start a new fitness program with a sense of cheery, unbridled optimism actually don’t succeed that often.  Neither do the students who are total optimistic.  The most successful students are guardedly upbeat.  They know it won’t always be sunshine and rainbows, but they’re determined to do what it takes to succeed.  They feel good about themselves, not because they think they’re so amazing that things will be easy for them, but because they work hard and don’t quit.”

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