Don’t let Tradition Paralyse Your Mind

How do I bring #balance in whatever I understand, desire and do, to be truly successful? 
Don’t let #tradition paralyse your #mind
#Challenge: Although my understanding of right and wrong is really good, I am not usually able to be or feel successful. This is because I notice a mismatch between what I know and what I want. So I am not able to bring that knowledge into action.
#Solution: A conscious effort needs to be put in from my side to compare and see which is better for me – what I know is right or what I feel I want. When I compare in this way, I will be able to change my desires in keeping with the right thing. When these two match, I will be able to bring it into action too. So I will be able to be successful.
Sharing an honest confession letter from a fan of this Group (names and places changed):
Dear Sir,
I am a very big fan of your son Nakuul Mehta’s acting skills. And I was amazed to know that he is of a royal lineage. It is not very often that we think or come across a person of royal inheritance getting into the entertainment industry! In my curiosity to know more about thought process that played a role in his success, I got an opportunity to know his Mentor and Guide, his father!
I went through your website and after learning your contribution to the nation, society and for spreading the knowledge of our royal and heroic ancestors, I am a bigger fan of yours now!
I belong to a very traditional Gujarati family. I have had the opportunity and honour of inheritance of honesty and foresightedness from my ancestors who have been professionals since 5 generations now. My great-great grandfather was a treasurer and advisor in the court of His Highness Jam Saheb of Jamnagar in Gujarat. And since then, there have been professionals pursuing excellence in their own fields of medicine, engineering, law, accountancy, taxation, art, teaching, etc.
My maternal great grandfather was a part of the British Army from India in the World War II and my mother and her sisters have been an integral part of the NCC since their young age. In a way, I have been bought up with virtues of honesty, togetherness, hard work, keeping up the traditions, being good at academics, and so on, which I am proud of.
However, I have been not so good at the academics unlike my uncles, father or grandfather. My interest lies in the fields of dancing and acting, music, instruments, painting and such fields of art. Currently I am on the virtue of completing my Chartered Accountancy, following the footsteps of my father. Not that my family would not support me, but I have never had the courage or strength to put forward my interests to my family for pursuing them as a profession because by nature I am more a kind of introvert and completely below confident for communication with people.
There are lots of speakers and writers who provide the guidance for achieving or improving one’s abilities or flaws, but not all would inspire you to do that. You, Sir, provide me with an inspiration and motivation to develop my confidence and come over my weakness for the interpersonal skills.
The sentence and the lesson that triggered my senses from your Tools of Thinking Creative are “Don’t let tradition paralyse your mind”. And coming from the descendant of the Royals, this sentence really have motivated me to set free my mind and go out of the Box in the area of my interests and I have, in fact already started out working towards making my interests, my profession..!!
I truly and deeply thank you for inception of the seed of self confidence in me and the hope that one can be what one thinks he can be.
Looking forward for more such inspirations…
Warm Regards to you and my favourite actor…..

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