Emperor Akbar Invites Acharya Jinchandra Suri to Lahore Court

During one of the meetings with the learned religious people, Emperor Akbar asked the pundits, “Who was the most learned Jain philosopher?” The pundits replied, “Acharya Jinchandra Suri was one such person”. Emperor asked, “Who is his disciple?” The pundits replied, “Diwan Karam Chand”.

Bhanwarlal Nahata of Prakrit Bharati Academy, Jaipur writes in his book ‘Mantri Karam Chand Bachhawat’ that Karam Chand was summoned and ordered to invite his guru maharaj as soon as possible. Acharya reached Lahore on 14th February, 1592 along with 31 disciples on Id day.

The Emperor, who was sitting in the ‘gavaksha’ of the palace, came down to receive Acharya Jinchandra Suri and after exchanging pleasantries, he said, “I have asked you to come here all the way from Gujarat to benefit from your thoughts at the religious meetings”. He further added, “I strongly believe in non-violence (ahimsa), therefore you must visit my court to give audience, at least once every day so that there is spiritual awakening among my children”. Having received the patronage of the Emperor, Acharya soon became popular and was well received by one and all at Lahore. He stayed there for a year till next monsoon.

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