Happy Birthday Sunny 2019 – Nakuul

Dearest Nakuul,
Happy Birthday sunny. Being your dad is the greatest privilege in the world. You’re in your mid-30s. It seems like yesterday that I rocked you in my arms until you fell asleep. Now, you’re a celebrity actor, working out and hanging out with hundreds of your fans. We too love hanging with you.

Many people tell me that you’re my clone. If only they knew how proud it makes me to hear that. At the same time, it’s terribly frightening that someone in the world has my DNA, along with the tendency to reproduce my bluntness, gestures and attitudes. Thankfully, your mom’s DNA helps to balance that out. That’s the beauty of God’s system. Two flawed and feeble human beings reproduce a blend of themselves in someone who has a lifetime to live life better than they did.

You blow me away with your compassion and gift of kindness. I guess some of your mom and dad’s good DNA has rubbed off on you. You may be quiet at times, but I know your brain is churning. You have already developed an instinct and desire to reach out to those that have less than you. Whether a fatherless friend or the kid that just does not fit in. Your prayers have helped my terminally ill naval colleague to recover faster than imagined. No wonder that you are one of the dynamic leaders for young Soka Gakkai minds in Mumbai. Your Victory Day 2009 picture is as above. You know what it meant?

Even though you do not verbalize it, I think you really understand and are aware of how great and wide God’s love for you is. I have been blessed to have the opportunity to watch you grow up to be the young man of integrity that I see today. I am your Biggest Fan.

If there’s only one thing I successfully pass onto you (besides 70% of your physical features, which, frankly, I had no control over) let it be this: let all your actions be selfless, let your love be universal and let there always be an urge for higher learning. This is the key to stress-free and happy life. They’re hardly original thoughts, but there are none better to build your life around.

Leave your mark by loving each and every person your life touches, those who love you and those who don’t. Love has no conditions. It expects nothing in return. Remember that our country comes first always and every time, then my family and last myself.

Be ready to create your own path in life. You can choose the wide path or the narrow path. It is your choice. Never will there be another Nakuul Mehta. Nobody is perfect, hence learn to appreciate your weaknesses, as it’s in them that you will experience your greatest strengths.

My job as a dad is to create a home of security and love, laughter and nourishment, where you can cry without fear, grow without judgment, and discover without prejudice. Even though I have failed at times, you need to know we are here for you always.
We love you Nakuul.
and on behalf of you all…..
Shail Lodha MehtaPracchi Mehta ShahJankee Parekh MehtaAmrish Shah, Ayrra Shah.
Alekh SangalAjay SinghAnima Kumar

34 thoughts on “Happy Birthday Sunny 2019 – Nakuul

  1. Sir.ur words always touching and unique but when it comes to nox they become extremely fabulous and extraordinary.u are the only one who can describe nakuul as beautiful as that.and as specific as that. U can always can find the right word for him.i love to read any thing writen by u for nakuul cuz its full of emotions,proude and love so I feel like I know him more.ur sunny Child is our sunny idol and it’s ur gift for the world. Thank u for raising him with all those good manners and we love u mehtas

  2. Lots of love and blessings to you Nakuul sir..
    And also uncle this is so nice .. very kind and heart touching words… hats off to you uncle because after all Nakuul is your gift to us

  3. Lots of love and blessings to you Nakuul sir..
    And also uncle this is so nice .. very kind and heart touching words.. these are not only for him but also for us to learn .. hatts off to you uncle because after all Nakuul is your gift to us

  4. This was sich a beautiful and the best gift to Nakuul sir from you…
    Nakuul sir is so lucky to have dad like you…
    Sir your every sentence is so hard touching…
    Its so so so amazing…
    I cant describe in few wrds about this…❤️
    Once again happiest bday Nakuul Mehta…

  5. Happy birthday Nakuul sir. And we know that now at the postion where Nakuul sir is standing is just because of you uncle . And thanks for the motivation you given by saying that “our is first, than our family and last myself” that mean a lot for me.

  6. Sir your makes everyone love him with his unique personality wish many more returns and happy birthday we always there for him we came to about him for three years.salute to actor father making such wonderful meaningful msg sir jai jawan

  7. This is so heart warming uncle. The best gift for a child is when his or her parents say that they are feeling proud of him or her.
    Give my birthday love and wishes to Nakuul. Please and bless me for a better future.

  8. One of the best birthday gift a father can give to his son “Jotting down Words straight from the heart”. Uncle your words reflect the feeling that how you are proud being a father of Nakuul Mehta and you should be.. May he continue to thrive and make you more proud than ever before (InshaAllah & Ameen)

  9. Really very warmest and lovely words from great father, Happy birthday to your lovely, honestly son, happy birthday Nakuul

  10. sir, this is such a wonderful beautiful birthday wish ever a son can get from his dad…. your wishes your appreciations your proudness your content just PERFECT sir… salute you sir and Nakuul sir too…..
    have a great day ahead sir ….. Happy Birthday Nakuul Mehta …

  11. This letter made me to think the necessity of both father n mother in parenting… That’s a sweet message not only to ur son but also to those of his age too… Thank u uncle for giving a food of thought

  12. Sir wishing Nakuul a very Happy Birthday:) What a proud and beautiful note that brings so much joy and happiness:)
    Nakuul brings out positivity and inspires everyone on Twitter and Instagram! Wish he has a beautiful and blessed year ahead!!!
    An ardent fan,

  13. There couldn’t be a greater birthday wish to Nakuul than yours sir. Now I know where Nakuul inherits his amazing writing skills. Beautifully penned words with heart touching emotions. Love everything you wrote sir.

  14. There couldn’t be a greater wish than yours sir. Now I know where Nakuul inherits his amazing writing skills too. Beautifully penned words with heart touching emotions.

  15. There couldn’t have been a greater wish to Nakuul then yours sir. Now I know where Nakuul inherits his writing too.. Truly inspiring. Beautiful and heart touching lines from a dad

  16. Dear Sir,
    If there was a letter from a wonderful thoughtful and loving father..this would have to be the one.The gift of words is certainly apparent in genes as well.He is indeed a wonderful person first and then an amazing artist and entrepreneur.There lies his strength.He values humanity and that reflects in every step I’ve seen him take.God bless you and you wonderful family.And congratulations to you as well on Nakuul’s birthday.And thank you for giving us Nakuul

  17. Wonderful Birthday Wishes Sir.He Is My Teacher and Guide …..I Have Learn Many Things…. I Always Thankful To Almighty God For Creating Wonderful Person Like Nakuul Brother…. Thank You You To Sir….May God Bless You And Your Family . Stay Blessed And Be Happy Always.

  18. Sir this was such a beautifully written birthday wish for Nakuul. As his fan, I just want you to know how inspiring he is, not only because of his passion for his craft but also his unwavering commitment to his own self improvement and growth, which inspires us to do the same. Nakuul is a gem! May he always be blessed with love and happiness. Best wishes to you, Aunty and the entire family ❤️

  19. Dearest Uncle,
    Can I thank you on behalf of Nakuul for sharing such a wonderful birthday wish not just with him but with all of us 🙂

    “ let all your actions be selfless, let your love be universal and let there always be an urge for higher learning. This is the key to stress-free and happy life. “

    This is not just for Nakuul, but for all of us to learn..
    Thank you so very much uncle & happy birthday Nakuul 🙂

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