How do I begin my day with happiness filled thoughts?

How do I begin my day with happiness filled thoughts?

Whenever you begin your day, fill your mind with some happiness filled thoughts. These thoughts could be –

  • Today, in the entire day, I will gift a smile to each one I meet or
  • Today, throughout the day, I will keep each one’s specialty in my mind and experience joy or
  • Today, I will touch each one I meet with my positive good feelings for them or
  • Today, I will bring different virtues in action and experience lightness and give the same to others.

According to ‘Karam Chand Vanshho-Kirtankam Kavyam’, written in 1593 AD by Jaysom Pathak – Raja Bohitya’s wife Queen Bahrang Devi and Rana Shree Karan’s wife Queen Ratna Devi were exceptionally beautiful, talented and people’s queens in Delwara. They were greatly loved and respected by the people of Delwara for encouraging education and martial art for both boys and girls. We may recall that Delwara was next to Taxila and also known as Kunwarpada and a centre of excellence. The contribution of both Baharang Devi and Ratna Devi was immense in spreading happiness in their state.

It is said, – Raja Shree Karan, a Deora Chauhan, ascended the throne of Delwara (Mewar) after his father Raja Bohitya, the progenitor of Bachhawats and Bothras, died (1303 AD) fighting alongside Rana Ratan Singh I of Mewar in a battle against Sultan Allauding Khilji. Raja Shree Karan won Machindragarh (present day village Machind near Kumbhalgarh) in a battle and was bestowed the title of Rana. Later Rana Shree Karan was also killed in the battle while assisting Maharana Hamir Singh I against Muhammad Bin Tughlug. The sacrifices made by Deora Chauhan Kings of Delwara during 13th and 14th century shall always be remembered in the history and in particular by Bachhawat clan.

A beautiful aspect of each one of our lives is living a life full of enthusiasm and joy. Also we keep spreading the same to others through our entire personality and through our actions and attitudes. It is one thing being happy yourself and another to share that happiness with each one at every step.

For some, it is a hobby to start the day with wishing everyone with greetings of happiness and give them a feel of love filled joy (this does not include copy-paste-forward… ha ha). By doing this, they spend the entire day free from the tensions that they might face and full of lightness filled thoughts and feelings.

It is journey in which you are accompanied by others. Also, you along with others will share and receive these beautiful experiences. These experiences are like gifts that we share with each other and gifts always bring happiness. Physical gifts are limited to particular days and particular people. But these invisible gifts of different positive happiness emotions are unlimited and can be shared with each and every one. We can do this in our homes, at our workplace, with your close friends or in society in general.

Am I spreading fragrance of happiness?

Happiness begins with the self and happiness given to others is happiness experienced by myself first. When you meet someone in the whole day, ask yourself and check yourself – Did I just meet the other person and interact with the person in a common manner? On the other hand, did I share happiness with the other person and make the person free from worries and burdens? After all, it’s my duty towards each and every one I meet – giving unlimited happiness to others. This is the common emotion that binds all of us together – happiness.

Is my existence meaningful?

Giving and sharing happiness will make life beautiful and our existence meaningful. Very often, whether it’s in our work or any other activity, we tend to become busy. We may not perform any negative actions during that time. But because we lose touch with our inner virtuous self, our happiness reduces.

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