Jab We Met – Friends for ever

Jab We Met – Hindu mythology has seen many greatest friendships.

Hanuman ji is responsible for friendship between Shree Ram & Sugreev. Agni (fire) is considered as a witness to all the partnerships & by making Agni witness, Ram & Sugreev became friends.

Ram after knowing that Sugreev is in utmost vulnerable situation and hiding from his own brother Baali, decided to free him from all the dangers and tensions and made him the king of Kishkindha by demolishing his elder brother Baali. Sugreev also contributed his full might during Ram-Ravan battle.

Their friendship is an example of rarest of rare.

Do you know how I met Dilip Mohapatra? It was around 1976 or 77, I was in Cochin, a bachelor boy. One day I was passing Katari Bagh (naval officers residential area) on my Lambretta scooter. The scooter stalled in front of a bungalow and I was trying to restart. A couple was sitting in the lawn in bungalow opposite. The lady said to her husband that this officer looks like my brother. Her wishes were fulfilled by inviting me to their house.

One such one friendship bondage existed between Draupadi and Krishna.

Once, when Krishna had hurt his finger with his fearsome weapon (Sudarshan Chakra) while beheading Shishupal, Draupadi was seen immediately rushing towards him. She at once tore off her sari and bandaged Krishna’s finger. Krishna for this loving act had vowed to help Draupadi. For every thread which she had used to cover his wound, Lord Krishna promised to repay the cost of each thread. Krishna promised to help Draupadi by saying, “Whenever you need me I’ll always be there.” Krishna helped Draupadi in her cheer haran. The bond between us and Dilip- Nayantara is that of a sibling and friend.

Tara is Agni; Tara is Draupadi…!

2 thoughts on “Jab We Met – Friends for ever

  1. krishna,s and Draupadi,s friendship is a perfect example of how some bonds are strong and do not have to be blood relation. I simply love their story. Thank you for using it to describe your own friendship.

    1. Thank you for your understanding. While many of the writers in their books have said that they both had feelings for each other, the truth is, each considered the other “sakha” and “sakhi”. So, the love they had was nothing more than the love for friends. Actually it was more like a devotee and God relationship since Draupadi was truly devoted to Krishna.

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