Rare Jina idols from Chintamani Jain Temple at Bikaner

Rare Jina idols from Chintamani Jain Temple at Bikaner will worshiped from 27 Nov to 1 Dec 2017. 

Chintamani Jain Mandir at Bikaner

The rare 1050 Jina images (Jain paintings) and sculptures and idols (precious stones, gold & brass) looted by Sultan Tursam Khan in 1576 AD, from the shrines of Sirohi were kept with Emperor Akbar at Fatehpur Sikri. It was intended to melt the statues and extract the gold, but Akbar denied the permission and ordered them to be kept safely. It was at the behest of Dewan Karam Chand that Raja Rai Singh of Bikaner approached the Emperor and the statues were respectfully released in 1582.

When the statues arrived at Bikaner, Karam Chand along with the Jain acharyas and disciples organised a grand religious function to welcome these statues and installed them in the basement of Chintamani Mandir. From time to time on special occasions the basement is opened, and the statues worshipped as per Jain traditions in public. Such auspicious occasions in 20th century was in the year 1943, when Acharya Mani Sagar Suriji Maharaj arrived in Bikaner, then in 1962, 1978 and 2009 and now in November 2017. Perhaps, due to non-availability of regular puja and worship facilities for so many divine statues, they are stored in the basement even today.

In the Chintamani temple, the main ‘Chaturvinshti’ (24 statues) idol was badly damaged during the invasion by Kamaran, ruler of Lahore and brother of Emperor Humayun. The stone-plaque at the temple mentions that the renovation work was carried out by the Bachhawat descendants of Mantri Bachhraj, namely Mantri Var Singh.


Karam Chand Bachhawat: saviour of Jainism in medieval period

Bikaner Vibhuti (विभूति), Karam Chand Bachhawat (1542-1607) served as Dewan (1571–91), Prime Minister of Bikaner state in the former state of Rajputana (now Rajasthan). Also see: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Karam_Chand_Bachhawat

In 1573, Rao Kalyanmal was succeeded by Rao Rai Singh. With the help of strategist Karam Chand, Rao Rai Singh expanded his kingdom and brought in lots of prosperity for Bikaner state. Karam Chand, who had deep concern for the environment and Jain traditions, had orders issued for stopping of fishing activities in Sutlej, Dek and Raavi rivers. He stopped felling of trees in the desert region. Raja Rai Singh also passed orders banning killing of animals during Paryushan (holy festival of Jains during monsoon).

Karam Chand along with his family often travelled to Jain pilgrim centres – Shatrunjay, Girnar, Abu, etc and gave away plenty of alms in charity. He was an able disciple of Acharya Jinachandra Suri.

The beginning years of the reign of Akbar proved to be of religious bigotry. It was at the behest of Akbar that the Jain temples of Sirohi were demolished. Karam Chand and the Jain followers, who patiently bore the brutality of Mughals, finally prevailed over Akbar for changing his policy.

In 1586, Karam Chand heard that Jain temples at Shatrunjay (Palitana) and other places in Saurashtra were being destroyed by Navarang Khan. Fearing destruction of Jain temples in the area, he immediately petitioned Akbar for the protection of Jain temples. Akbar at once issued a farmaan (stamped order) to Azam Khan of Gujarat to put Shatrunjay and other Jain temples in Saurashtra under the control of Karam Chand for their protection.  Later, a Jain temple was constructed by Karam Chand at Palitana and his maternal home (ननिहाल) in Merata city in memory of his mother.

Karam Chand Bachhawat (1542-1607) served as Dewan (1571–91), Prime Minister of Bikaner state in the former state of Rajputana (now Rajasthan). Karam Chand, the descendant of Bachhraj, was a brilliant administrator and a suave strategist in Bikaner and had a very good rapport with Emperor Akbar. In 1591, fearing danger to his life, he politely recuses himself from Raja Rai Singh and resigned. Later, on being invited by Emperor Akbar, he joined him as an important adviser at Lahore court.

बीकानेर के प्राचीन चिंतामणि जैन मंदिर में से निकलेगी दुर्लभ प्रतिमाएं

जैन स्वेताम्बर खतरगछ संघ के गछाधिपति आचार्य श्री जिन मणिप्रभ सूरिश्वरजी के सानिध्य में बीकानेर स्थित चिंतामणि जैन मंदिर में होगा महोत्सव – 27 नवम्बर से १ दिसम्बर २०१७ तक. उत्सव के दौरान १०५०  अतिप्राचीन जैन प्रतिमाओं का अभिषेक, विशेष पूजा सहित उत्सव होगा. चिंतामणि जैन मंदिर प्रन्यास के अध्यक्ष निर्मल धारीवाल के अनुसार, इससे पूर्व सन २००९ में  प्रतिमाओं को दर्शनार्थ – पूजन निकला गया था.

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