Re-set Your Mind through Meditation 

Re-set Your Mind through Meditation

Let me begin with a quote from Napoleon Hill, “There are no limitations to the mind except those we acknowledge. Both poverty and riches are the offspring of our thought.”

Your life is an expression of your mind. Things like who you are going to be hanging around with. Socializing with. Things like how you are going to love your family, your spouse, your children. How you are going to respect your partner, your parents, your co-worker, your superiors, and subordinates. Or will you elevate yourself with knowledge and best practices about yourself? Your life is expression of all that.

Scientific Approach to Mind

In mindfulness meditation we go into our mind. We meditate on the mind.

Why the mind? It is through the mind we feel things. It is the mind that will make the rightful decisions. It is through the mind we are inspired to act. It is through mind that we interact with the world. It is through the mind we remain creative with our ideas. Being rooted in a peaceful and meditative mind, it increases our capacity to discern and make wise choices in life.

The unique feature of mindfulness meditation is observing sensations in your body for better self-awareness. Again, we can evaluate the effects of this self-awareness with a scientific bent of mind.

Online workshop: 06 Aug 2022, 11.30 am BST / 4.00 pm IST, Durartion 90 min. No charges.

What is the process of re-setting your mind?

By using the technics of mindful meditation and creative visualisation.

To be more successful in any endeavour you need to use the full range of your mental faculties, such as creative and intuitive (spontaneous) skills. You already know that development of right brain helps you in creativity and intuitive skills and left brain helps in developing logic and reasoning skills.

Why mindful meditation?

As regular food and exercise is necessary to make your body strong, so meditation being food for mind is necessary to enrich and nourish your Mind. By the way where is Mind in our body? ………………….. Mind is certainly not Brain.

Mind is like a software of a computer, which needs to be programmed according to the needs of the user. It can only be programmed when mind is nourished by daily by practice of meditation. And then learning the techniques to program your mind. That is the objective of this class, that is Re-set Your Mind through Meditation.

If you ask, how was the meditation? What was the experience? The general and most common answer is, “I am totally relaxed. I am peaceful and in bliss. I am in total harmony. Refreshed.”. Yes, these are definitely the benefits of meditation. But they are the by-products of mindful meditation.

The main purpose of mindful meditation is to reduce impurities in our mind and thus paving the way to learn to program your mind to accomplish your goals.

As you learn these practical techniques, step-by-step exercises you will overcome insecurities and even physical illness by changing negative false belief systems.

You’ll find that you are enjoying positive results in every aspect of your life.

Understanding your mind?

You are in-charge of your life. You can make it happen.

Just ask yourself, who are you?

  • You are how you think.
  • You are what your attitude is.
  • You are what your beliefs are.

These three simple but powerful things of your mind can upgrade your life. By upgrading those 3 things, you will be able upgrade how you use your mind, the quality of your life.

Is that something you want to learn? Then joon my virtual workshop. Ask me?

What are tangible outcomes of re-setting your mind?

Through this program you will get these tangible benefits, that can be seen are:

  1. You will live an improved mental health and stress-free life.
  2. You will have more prosperity and success in professional life.
  3. You will have good relationship with family and friends.
  4. You will boost your confidence.
  5. You will be a much happier human being.
  6. Students and Children will benefit by increased creativity.
  7. Students and Children will excel in academics and sports.
  8. Students and children will be clear on what they really want.

What techiques of re-setting your mind are convered?

  1. Learn to activate your subconscious mind for achieving your goals.
  2. Learn the magic of thinking big.
  3. Learn the process for auto suggestion and affirmation.
  4. Learn to maintain ideal weight for maximum health.
  5. Learn to set your body clock.
  6. Learn to communicate with your new born child.
  7. Learn mind to mind communication.
  8. Learn to manage conflict resolution.
  9. Learn to develop intuitive skills.

Meditation is a skill. Repetition is the key to mastering this skill. The more we practice meditation the easier we understand how it works. But if I don’t feel anything, why will I ever meditate? Instead of feeling of peace and harmony and stillness within us and the ability to keep our poise in the midst of hectic lifestyles, meditation becomes a dry exercise with no joy. So, experience is a must.

Empowering your mind by training is something dear to my heart as I started practicing, when I was 15 years old. It has had huge impact on my life. These exercises have helped me tremendously in improving my self-awareness, health and spiritual wellbeing, day after day.

Let us join together and demystify spiritual aspect of meditation. We meditate and observe our experiences and draw our own conclusions based not on hearsay or faith or belief system but through actual experience arising out of meditation of mindfulness practice.

Online workshop: 06 Aug 2022, 11.30 am BST / 4.00 pm IST, Durartion 90 min. No charges. The event is organised by South Asia Heritage Month 2022, London.



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