So what if I had no responsibilities?

Someone once asked me what I would do if I had no responsibilities. I didn’t have to think long to realize the answer to that question: to vanish – without explanation, without concern. Is that really so?

As you may or may not have noticed, I haven’t been writing consistently for a few weeks now. There are many good reasons and many bad reasons for this, but they mostly boil down to this idea of vanishing for a while.

I want responses from the readers of this Blog: “What would I do if I had no responsibilities?”… do share your thoughts in abundance, in comments below !

13 thoughts on “So what if I had no responsibilities?

  1. Hello, that is a very interesting question i believe, for the most part of it i would say yes responsibilities make me who i am today, its that very idea of being responsible that makes any relationship work, of knowing your duties and your rights and working towards fulfilling these duties while enjoying your rights.
    And yet at times i am filled with this ineffable feeling of wanting to be a little child again and i suppose a part of the attraction of that particular thought is that i would be free from responsibilities for a while.
    So what i would probably do if i had no responsibilities, is lean back and just observe, observe the tiny ant that makes its way across the room, observe the people around me, maybe show the love and care to people around me probably feelings i would have partially restrained while i went about my daily work and observe and spend time with nature above all.
    Writing this i wonder if i couldn’t make all this happen even as i went about fulfilling my ‘responsibilities’, currently my answer would be not as much as i would like to.
    Now that itself is a very peculiar dichotomy that i find myself facing, i know for a fact that i would loose my way in this vast and diverse world without a purpose, which brings along with it responsibilities, and yet there are times when you want to free yourself from these exact same responsibilities that for me in many ways have acted as an anchor.
    Now where does this self contradictory emotions rise from, i do not have an immediate answer, but what i do know is that i am aware of these feelings inside me.
    On a lighter note perhaps that is why we have come up with something called vacations and this exercise called ‘me-time’.

    1. Very interesting, yet thought provoking response. You admit there is contradiction, hence assume, some confusion. Whatever we do has boundaries, even if you are in Himalayas..! Every boundary has responsibilities associated with it. One may be on vacations, but can’t go around destroying nature. One may be on me-time, but can’t leave kitchen tap open? There are responsibilities, even while you are asleep? Yes…! Cheers and thanks Aishwarya.

      1. Hello, thank you for responding to my comment. I found it very intriguing, I realised that I was looking at responsibility from a very constricted point of view. Rather, I now, see that responsibility permeates through all levels of living!

  2. Every person have his on responsibility in life to perform . No one is there without any responsibility

  3. Just can’t imagine my life without responsibilities. My life would have ended just as a old scrap metals. “THE END” of my life because I end up doing nothing but gain a lot disease and die painfully.

    1. Sumathi… you are right. The humans are of four types: Mineral person, Vegetable person, Animal person and Human person. The four kingdoms of the world – mineral, vegetable, animal and human – appear to be faithfully reflected in humans. the nature of some humans resembles that of the matter. Hence, a man without responsibility would be like you said, scrap-metal. Thanks for sharing simple but deep meaning thoughts.

  4. Responsibilities make us what we are. if responsibilities are not there we will be aimless in life. i do agree that they sometimes become burden but when we see them getting fulfilled with the smile of the other people we concern for a smile blows the felling of burden

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