The intentions matter most in every situation

Am I a nice person?

Am I a nice person just on the outside or am I truly sweet not only in my words and actions but in the inner corners of my heart?

“Whatever we think about others, the slightest negativity in thoughts and feelings as well as attitudes reaches the other, even if we hide it from them externally. So be a good person with nice mannerisms and purity in character not only in words and actions, but in your thoughts also”, says Sister Shivani.

The intentions matter most in every situation.

A person who is of good character will not perform any action with any false desires in his heart and mind. Am I the type of person who is jealous of the other or am I a person who is keen that the other person move ahead, so much that he or she can even go ahead of me in any field?

These and many more are some of the questions to which I need to give honest answers. These answers are never revealed to anyone, but we know them inside. This reminds me of a Krishna story from Devdutt Patnaik, Mythologist:

Krishna Steals Indra’s Parijaat Tree

Krishna brought the Parijaat (Harsingaar) tree from Swarga, the paradise of the gods, and presented it to his wives: Rukmini and Satyabhama. Rukmini was Krishna’s poor wife who had eloped from her father’s house on Krishna’s chariot and had come to Dwarka with nothing except the clothes on her body. Satyabhama was Krishna’s affluent wife who had been given in marriage to Krishna by her extremely rich father Satrajit. She had entered Krishna’s house with a huge dowry.

Satyabhama never lost an opportunity to dominate Krishna’s household with her wealth. So, it was rather surprising that when Krishna presented the Parijaat, Satyabhama insisted that it be planted in the garden of Rukmini. Everyone saw this as an act of graciousness, but Krishna divined Satyabhama’s intention.

A wall separated the gardens of the two queens. Satyabhama’s garden was in the east, in the direction of the rising sun. The Parijaat tree, planted in Rukmini’s garden would grow towards the sun and all the flowers would fall into Satyabhama’s garden. So, while Rukmini would do all the work of taking care of the plant, Satyabhama would literally reap its benefits.

Realizing Satyabhama’s mischievous intentions, Krishna declared, “Since Rukmini will be taking the trouble of watering the plant and tending to its need, it is only fair that the plant bloom every time I spend time with her.” So, it be, Krishna (God) said. So, it came to pass that every time the flowers bloomed, Satyabhama knew her husband was with his other wife and so could never really enjoy the beauty of the Parijaat.  Satyabhama finally apologized to her husband for her pettiness that he clearly did not appreciate.


A person with a good heart will always carry good and pure intentions for everyone. Before performing any action, check how honest and how innocent your intentions are. Do read a letter below, received from my dear friend and a training colleague, Prof LN Verma from Bhopal.

19 thoughts on “The intentions matter most in every situation

  1. Very well described with the story! Yes intentions and prayers are very powerful and reach the other person in real time. Beautiful! Thinking of you dear Mama

  2. Wonderfully conveyed the pure thought of being benevolent in intentions, actions and thought by an illustrated anecdote of Shree Krishna….It made more impact as I absorbed it on Krishnashtami….Thanks Sir, Beautiful Blog.

  3. Lovely…
    Premras mein dooba hua Patra…
    Is message ne bhi kar diyaa rooh ko mast!
    Aapko Janmaashtmi ki haardik shubhkaamnaayein.

  4. Lovely…
    Premras mein dooba hua Patra…
    Is message ne bhi kar diyaa rooh ko mast!
    Aapko Janmaashtmi ki haardik shubhkaamnaayein.

  5. Very well said. But I experience that many of the emotions like jealousy arise almost automatically. When I think about it, it seems to me that I am most jealous not of the person but of what he/she has that is of value to me and I don’t have. Question: How does one deal with emotions that are almost automatic (or so they seem)?

    1. Well said Omkar ! You deal with emotions by raising your intellect (विवेक) level. Vipassana meditation will help you immensely… to look inward and raise self awareness levels. Since you are student of Vedanta… I need not elaborate more..

  6. Bachhawat pariwar ke ,,,,pariwar Ratna,,,,ki padi se mai aapko sammanit karta hu aasha hai aapka prem sada ham sab par barasta rahega ,,aapka ,,,,kushal bachhawat mehta

  7. Well said Pratap Sir. Yes indeed an Intent in every situation is important. Even dishonesty with right intention is acceptable.

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