What are the two constituents of governance?

What are the two constituents of governance? Learn from Shrimad Bhagwat Geeta

Pradhan Mehta Pannalal recalls in his Swa-Jeewani (Autobiography) an incident about Jani Biharilal, the tutor, guardian and mentor of Maharana Sajjan Singh, as how he tutored young Maharaj Kumar.”

जानी बिहारीलाल , शिक्षक, अभिभावक और महाराजकुमार  सज्जन सिंह के संरक्षक, कहते हैं :

“शाशक के दो तत्व हैं, ऐसा भगवान श्रीकृष्ण ने श्रीमद भागवत गीता में कहा हे | एक, जो ‘कुशल’ दूसरा ‘गरिमामयी’ |”

जानी बिहारीलाल : “राजा कौन?”

महाराजकुमार सज्जन सिंह : “गरिमामयी |”

शिक्षक : “एक दम उचित | जो कुशल हे उसे प्रधान नियुक्त किया गया हे | जैसे मेहता पन्नालालजी | क्योंकि उनमें नीति बनाने और उसे निष्पादित करने की शक्ति हे | वे प्रजा के प्रति जवाबदेह हैं | क्योंकि महाराणा गरिमामयी पद पर हैं, उन्हें प्रधान द्वारा बनायीं नीतियों को अनुमोदित करना,  नीतियों को सम्मानजनक महत्व और वैध्यता प्रदान करना | महाराणा केवल किसके प्रति जवाबदेह हैं…?”

महाराजकुमार : “श्री एकलिंगजी के |”

शिक्षक : “बिलकुल सही | दो शाशक – ‘कुशल’ दूसरा ‘गरिमामयी’ को सम्मानजनक और कुशलता पूर्वक कार्य के लिए एक दूरे का समर्थन और पूर्ण भरोसा चाहिए..!

The upbringing of Mehta Pannalal (1843-1919) rested totally with his mother as his father was away to Kota most of the time. When he was 12-13 years old, elder cousin brother Mehta Ajeet Singh, then Hakim Nimbahera (1851-57), started his physical training and horse-riding instructions. Mehta Ajeet Singh insisted that he also learns Farsi & English and attend to Kachehri (court) of Vakil Sahiwala Arjun Singh off and on, which he did for 4-6 months.

Young Mehta Pannalal also visited durbar of Shreeji Hazoor at Goverdhan Vilas often. Whenever there was discussion on accounts and calculation, he was always prompt to answer. This impressed the Maharana Swaroop Singh and started keeping watch on him. During 1857 revolution the English ladies were put up in Jag Mandir, an island palace in Lake Pichola for safety. The young Pannalal was sent there to take care of hospitality, as he knew English well.

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