What does being positive means? How is it done?

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What does being positive means? How is it done?

“Be positive”..! The term used very loosely and easily said. How do we respond, “I’m positive..!”

But how many really know how to be one? Given below are some examples of simple positive affirmations (thoughts) that you can make about oneself, others, real life situations and the future, which will help you in becoming a positive thinker. These are helpful starters…

The self: I do like myself; I accept my weaknesses; I understand myself; I have special skills and qualities; I value myself; I believe in myself; I am lovable.
Others: I accept others as they are; I look for the best in others; there is something good in everyone I meet; I appreciate others.
A real life situation: I am capable of handling the situation; I have all I need; I am fortunate; there is a bright side to everything; nothing lasts forever.
The future: I look forward to each day; every difficult situation is an opportunity/challenge in disguise; each day brings something new and beautiful, something to learn.

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