What if I want good relationship?

 Why someone is not behaving with me as I would wish? Happy parenting..!

Very importantly, relationships are also connected with ‘attitude’ (रवैया) and ‘vision’ (नज़रिया). Sometimes, I may feel I have said and done the right things to someone, yet still someone is not behaving towards me as I would wish.
At such times I need to check my attitude towards that person and the vision with which I am seeing them. I may find inside a slight feeling of disapproval towards that person, a feeling of discomfort, a resistance to something in their personality.
Neither of us may be conscious of it, but my negative feeling casts a shadow on the other person. They are not receiving the acceptance or respect from me, that they should. Although externally I may be showing them a lot of respect. This subtle lack of acceptance and respect from my end influences their ability to hear me clearly (on a subtle level), and the way they behave towards me.
The practice of vipassana and mindfulness meditation enables me to clean out my thoughts, feelings, attitudes and vision. I ensure that what I share with others on a physical and on a subtle level is positive. Then it is much easier for me to build relations with others and for others to connect with me in a positive way.
The vipassana and mindfulness meditation brings clarity to the self, about the self. Self awareness. This helps me to communicate with others much more clearly than when I am not sure or clear about what is going on inside me. There is a direct connection between the quality of subtle activities in the form of ‘thoughts’ (विचार) and ‘feelings’ (संवेदना) going on inside me and the quality of my interaction and communication with others.

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