What is Guns & Glories about?

History of a nation delights the heart of every one and that of a particular race to the one who has a liking to know the actions and lives of their predecessors. The book, in anecdotal format, focuses on the contribution by a clan called Bachhawats not only in the administration but in protecting the sovereignty of state. The social, cultural and political dimension of Bachhawats has also been discussed along with relevant photographs and illustrations. The research in this book is significantly based on interviews with concerned people and bards, compilation of scientific papers, historical records and photographs. All dates / years are in Common Era (CE); however, star * indicates estimated year. The whole book is divided into two parts to make the readers follow easily.

The Bachhawats who belong to the feudal aristocratic order of former states of Rajputana (Rajasthan) and Mewar in particular, faced many ups and downs of life. They were brave and many sacrificed their lives fighting for the state. They were visionary administrators par excellence but at times suspected to be anti state but pro-Mughal and pro-British regime. They suffered the vicissitudes of fortune, having had to face court displeasure, exile and even attempts on their life, prompted by the detractors. They were honoured and respected by both Mughals and British, which made their masters jealous. Thus this is a story of thousand years of a clan which has stood the triumphs and tribulations in the most admirable way.

The members of this clan were associated with the administration of the state for generations. Among them many were independent Kings in Delwara state. There were as many as six Diwans and five Pradhans of Jodhpur, Bikaner and Mewar states from amongst the direct ancestors. Nine members were appointed as Kiledars and more than 25 members of this clan served as Hakims in various parganas and thikanas of Mewar.

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