What is original name of Fateh Sagar Paal in Udaipur?

2015 Fateh Sagar Paal
Connaught Dam (बांध) – फ़तेह सागर की पाल !

The people in Udaipur are going ga-ga over the overflow of Fateh Sagar…and why not? In local lingo it is also called ‘सफ़ेद चादर चढ़ना’..meaning ‘laying of white sheet’. But does anyone know what is the name of Fateh Sagar Paal? When was it built? Planned by whom?

During the reign of Maharana Fateh Singh, Pradhan Mehta Rai Pannalal played host to number of English dignitaries visiting Udaipur and was instrumental in promoting various public interest projects. On the recommendations of Pradhan Mehta Rai Pannalal, it was also decided to raise the paal (dam) of Devali-ka-Talaab by 20 feet. The foundation stone was laid by Duke of Connaught. The paal was christened as ‘Connaught Bandh’ and lake was renamed as ‘Fateh Sagar’. The canal connecting Pichola with Fateh Sagar was also suggested by Engineer Thomson, which became a reality once the height of paal was raised by 20 feet.

Prince Arthur, Duke of Connaught
Prince Arthur, Duke of Connaught

Mehta Pannalal notes in his book ‘Swa-Jeewani’ (Autobiography), that in 1889, Duke of Connaught visited Udaipur. Mehta Fatehlal, son of Pradhan Mehta Rai Pannalal and fluent in English, was appointed as protocol officer to look after the honourable and distinguished guest. Best of the arrangements, including Gangaur-ki-Sawari was arranged. The other projects commissioned during that period were:

  • In 1885, Lord Dufferin, then Viceroy, laid foundation for New Walter Zanana Hospital (now Ayurvedic Hospital at Moti Chohatta)
  • In 1889, Price Albert Victor, inaugurated the marble statue of his grand-mother Empress Victoria in Gulab Bagh.
  • In 1889, Lord Lansdowne, then Viceroy, inaugurated public library (now Sarasvati Sarvajanik Pustakalya) in Gulab Bagh.

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