What we WANT; we need to GIVE..?

The INTENTIONS do matter in KARMA.

Here is an extract from my book Rajputana Chronicles: Guns and Glroies – In 1573, Rao Kalyanmal of #Bikaner was succeeded by Rao Rai Singh. With the cooperation and help of Diwan Karam Chand, Rao Rai Singh expanded his kingdom and brought in lots of prosperity for Bikaner state. The kingdom of Rao Rai Singh extended up to Harappa in Sindh (Sindhu Desh) by defeating the forces of Baluchis.
At the behest of Dewan Karam Chand, the captured Baluchi prisoners of war were properly clothed, fed and returned to their homes. However, the valiant and brave King Rao Rai Singh of Bikaner was immensely praised for his victories by the bards (Chaarans), as they were paid by the King.
Both Dewan and the King performed good Karma. However, the intention of Karam Chand was purely humanitarian; whereas, that of Rao Rai Singh was to seek praise and attention. This is an classic example of humility vs ego.
Strange..! The more we acquire knowledge, talent, skill or money, we need to take care that we are increasing our humility. If we are not aware, then there is a possibility that our ego will increase.
Ego demands respect. Humility gives respect and naturally receives respect without wanting it.

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