Why Bachhawats do not Worship Kul Devi?

Why Bachhawats do not Worship Kul Devi (Dyadi Mata)?

Kul Devi is a form of Maa Durga, known by different names in different families. Navratras (before Dashera) are the most auspicious time for worship of Maa Durga or Kul Devi.

Where and why do Oswal Jains worship Kul Devi?

For Oswal Jains, Osian (Osiyan-ji) is an important pilgrimage centre. It is an ancient town located about 67 km from Jodhpur in Rajasthan state. It is an oasis in the Thar Desert.

It is conjectured from several evidences that the people of Osian were converted to Jainism by Jain Acharya Ratnaprabhasuriji during 8-9th century.  The original settlers of Osian, even after their conversion to Oswal Jain community seem to have continued to worship Hindu goddess Sachiya Mata (Durga). The Sachiya Mata Temple also equally old and important is situated on a hill north-east of Mahavira Temple. This has many decorative features of a Jain temple. However, it is dedicated to Sachiya Mata but Jains also worship here.

The Bafna, Bhandari, Lunawat, Tated, Parekh, Karnavat and many other clans of Oswal Jain community conduct their ‘Mundan-Sanskar’ in Sachiya Mata Temple. Others like followers of Khatargach sampradaay of Jainism, which includes Bachhawats, who do not have Kul Devi also come here to worship.

Why Bachhawats do not Worship Kul Devi?

Karam Cahan
Dewan Karam Chand Bachhawat

Traditionally, on completion of Navratri festival, Dyadi Mata (Kul Devi – family deity) is commonly worshipped by higher castes in Rajasthan. Once, during later part of 16th century, when Dewan Karam Chand #Bachhawat of Bikaner was engaged in the puja (worshipping) of Dyadi Mata, a disciple of Jain Muni, the Maharajsaab came to Bachhawat’s Haveli for gochari (food). Karam Chand felt disturbed; as he was busy worshipping Dyadi Mata. He told the disciple to convey to Maharajsaab to come later for gochari. The Maharajsaab was displeased and through his spiritual powers, let Dyadi Mata’s idol speak to Karam Chand,

“You shall not worship me from now onward. I shall not find any fault for doing so. I may be immersed in water.”

It is believed, that Maharajsaab then had the gold statue, weighing sawa (1.25) mound (approx 1.5 quintal) thrown into the well just outside the haveli. It is believed that he further added,

“If your descendants remake a similar statue and purify (bath) it in sawa mound of oil, the puja can recommence”.

Hence the Bachhawats and the members of this ethnic group do not worship Dyadi Mata, from that day.


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