The Slave & the Lion

The Lion & The Poor Slave

A slave, ill-treated by his master, runs away to the forest. There he comes across a lion in pain because of a thorn in his paw. The slave bravely goes forward and removes the thorn gently. The lion without hurting him goes away.

Some days later, the slave’s master comes hunting to the forest and catches many animals and cages them. The slave is spotted by the masters’ men who catch him and bring him to the cruel master. The master asks for the slave to be thrown into the lion’s cage. The lion happened to be the same lion the slave had helped. Miracle happened and the lion just went calmly and stood next to the slave.

My Expressions

Reflect in life the people you helped, and they have helped you back or people who helped you but didn’t get opportunity to help them back.

Remember to do things for people not because of who they are or what they can do for you in return but because of who you are. Kindness begins when we understand a simple fact that we all are struggling and fighting a different battle we have no clue about.

Kindness is an act that’s free to give but priceless to receive. They say to be kind with no expectations is a matter of choice. The language of kindness is so powerful that a blind can see and a deaf can hear. Let’s all rise by lifting others selflessly and the world will become a beautiful place worth living every single minute. The fragrance always stays in the hands that gives the rose.

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