Strive in Summers to Win your Winters

Strive in Summers to Win your Winters

Once the ant and the grasshopper were good friends. In the summer, the ant works hard to fill his storage with food. While the grasshopper was enjoying the fine weather and playing all day. When winter came, the ant was lying cosily in his home surrounded by the food he stored during the summer. While the grasshopper was in his home, hungry and freezing.

Grasshopper asked the ant for food and the ant gave him some. But it wasn’t enough to last the entire winter. When he tried to ask the ant again, the latter replied: “I’m sorry my friend but my food is just enough for my family to last until the end of winter. If I give you more, we too will starve. We had the entire summer to prepare for the winter, but you chose to play instead.”

My Expressions

Let’s reflect and consider that winter here represents a time in our life where food and resources are scarce while summer is that time where everything is abundant. Have we taken our summers for granted?

Even the richest man need to work towards maintaining his standards, the top cricket or athlete need to practice the sport to stay and maintain their positions. Life is all about working towards and managing what we have. Remember in life you always get what you work for not what you just wish for.

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