A Journey To Happiness Or A Journey Of Happiness?

A Journey To ‪#‎Happiness‬ Or A Journey Of Happiness?

On being questioned, ‪#‎Acharya‬ Jinchandra Suriji, guru of Diwan Karam Chand ‪#‎Bachhawat‬, explained happiness in the Lahore court of Emperor‪#‎Akbar‬.

“Happiness is a state of being joyful, while working towards a goal, not a feeling to be experienced after achieving the goal. Life is a journey with a series of goals, sometimes one after the other and sometimes with two or even more than two goals co-existing with each other.”

“So should one anxiously wait for the goals to be achieved? Can one achieve all goals in his life time? For very long, we have associated ‘happiness’ with ‘achievement’ and this has become an integral part of our belief system, as the life becomes faster and more challenging with each day.”

Hence, a change in this ideology and associate “happiness” with each day – creative ideas; experiencing beautiful relationships with others; the relationship with the self; and love by sharing and receiving it from others.

So, is it a journey to happiness or is it a journey of happiness?

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