Am I a messenger of Love & Joy?

Am I a messenger of Love & Joy? – my resolution for this valentine day

When someone greets and touches the feet of my father-in-law Manmohan Raj Lodha, he always responds,

“God bless you. प्रेम और आनंद से रहो”. Now visually impaired, the young man celebrated his 90th birthday on 9th February.

Sister Shivani, Brahma Kumari

Sister Shivani of Brahma Kumari asks, “What is the best experience of life?”

“Life is a beautiful journey in which the best experience for all of us is one of love and joy. They have accompanied us right from the time we are born, and we grew up with them in our hearts. We live our complete life sharing these two lovely emotions with everyone and receiving the same”.


From my book Guns and Glories: It was in early 19th century (around 1820s) that Acharya Udaichandji held his chaturmaas at Mandalgarh Fort. During one of his discourses, he says,

“It is seen that all human beings are focused on two emotions of love and joy and their experiences. Yes, love (प्रेम) and joy (आनंद) are important and is the foundation of a beautiful life experience at any age. However, it is important to note that love and joy is not increasing in the world with time but decreasing. Today, people are drifting away from each other much sooner and more easily than before and hearts of the people are not as filled with good wishes for each other, as before.”

Acharya Udaichandji at Mandalgarh Fort in 1820s, with Mehta Swaroop Chand, Kiledaar of Fort  and his young son Gokal Chand.

Acharya continues,

“In fact, expectations (उम्मीद) and desires (वासना) are two main negative energies, which are reducing love and joy in the world”.

Workshop Practice

Let’s become messengers of love and joy for the world by doing the following:

1. Pledge to create a feeling of love. Every morning, create a pure feeling of love for everyone in the world, especially each person whom you meet and come across the whole day – your friends, relations, office colleagues and of course family. As you wake up in the morning, take a morning pledge:

“Each and every one is close to me and I have a beautiful relationship with them. I want to make it more beautiful with my every good word and action and every other gesture.

“I am responsible for making every relationship in my life to work well and without problems”.

“I shall also, create such affirmation at regular intervals in the day”.

2. Make people around you happy. Life is rich and full of achievements which make us feel loved and give us an experience of joy. There are so many people attached to our life – the people we spend our time with, our education, our physical health, our career, our personality, our wealth etc. Our happiness does not mean that all these things will always be perfect. In fact, it is the opposite. They will never be perfect. So, everyday talk to yourself positively and don’t absorb their negativity. In a world of uncertainty and ups and downs, God wants us to be messengers of love and joy for everyone.

There are more sorrowful people than us and even less loved. Hold their hand with your care and support.

While meeting people, always remember:

“I am a very special soul and full of love and joy. I will remain stable in different scenes of life and help those who are unstable or disturbed by their negative scenes.”

3. Create NO ANGER zones at workplace and home. There are offices in the corporate world where such zones have been created. In such places, positive thoughts are shared by email or through mobile phone chat or social media and everyone starts their day with messages on positivity, which lays the foundation of a positive day. Also, everyone remembers that they are in a NO ANGER zone and it is displayed in some way to remind everyone. In such a zone,

“Angry outbursts and loud talk, aggressive behaviour, revengeful behaviour and negative talk about others are not allowed”.

Such zones can be marked in your office or in your home with children and other family members. Such zones will eventually be called Zones of Love and Joy.

Manmohan Raj Lodha celebrating his 90th birthday with his daughter and grand children on 9th February 2018.

4. Keep God as your companion. My father-in-law Manmohan Raj Lodha says,

“One source of love and joy who does not leave you, no matter what happens in your life is God. By trusting Him and giving Him your life, you smile all the time. Otherwise life’s happiness is ready to leave you every now and then, because it is based on changeable factors like relationships, possessions, salaries, positions and even one’s own physical body”.


He continues,

“You are not only God’s child but also God’s friend. So, every step you take, dedicate it to God and make it special and inspiring”.

Behind all the material success and modern lifestyles, there are many sorrowful hearts. Relationships are deceptive and misleading. A person who keeps God as His companion is full of love and joy. Such people will fill the world with love and joy.  

5. We need to become Hero actors. Always remember that at every moment, people around us are watching us. The original nature of soul is loving and happy. As we came down the steps of various births, our actions on the world stage have wronged people in many ways in many births. That is why today we receive negative energy from others, in the form of negative behaviours and words. To convert the negative energy into positive, we need to become hero actors on the world drama stage. A hero actor whispers the message of love and joy in everyone’s ears through his actions. My son and actor Nakuul chips in,

“Hero actors are careful that every action of theirs is beautiful and praiseworthy, which touches everyone’s hearts”.


TV actor Nakuul Mehta with Super Hero Amitabh Bachchan.

2 thoughts on “Am I a messenger of Love & Joy?

  1. Dear Mr Mehta,
    One more masterpiece. So well explained.
    I was a student at BK for six years. The soul study is really very wonderful. The Mahabharata by BKs is a must read book.
    If you ever get a chance, do visit their HQ at Mount Abu.
    One must have a heart to forgive souls for being who they are not, and the respect that inspires souls to become who they are. Our souls possess the following innate qualities: peace, joy, love, bliss, purity, power, and knowledge. But we need to polish them daily.
    The heart is like a flower – unless it is open it cannot release its fragrance into the world. The fragrance of the heart is made up of the qualities and virtues of our spirit.
    It is the lack of spirituality in daily life that is causing the breakdown and destruction of our planet . Infact schools should have this subject too.
    Since you have made mention of Mr. Mehta Jr. , I think that souls like him have a strong account of good karma in their past births so to attract so many souls today. They shine bright because of their spiritual goodness and hence attract the other souls which lack these qualities.
    Once again… a beautiful write up.

    thank you.

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