Do we confuse worry with concern?

Do we confuse worry with concern?

Suppose the class teacher of your child calls up and says that while playing in the school playground, your son has injured himself. She doesn’t explain much but says there is nothing to worry. She requests you to come and pick him up from the school.

One of the most incorrect beliefs that we have acquired since childhood is that to worry is to care, worrying is caring. Our children have grown up with and is closest to his parents. As soon as they are born, in fact even before they are born, in their mother’s womb, we start transmitting the energy of this belief of worrying is caring, through our thoughts and later on when we are physically present in front of them, through thoughts, words and actions.

As you are driving to his school to pick him up, you only have a rough idea of what situation he is in exactly at that moment because you are physically far away from him. Guessing about the exact situation is making assumptions and is a waste of your mental energy.

You have been told that there is nothing to worry but still you know he is in a slightly difficult emotional situation and only he knows how he will come out of it. What will help him? He needs your support, but what will support him the most?

We often make negative assumptions i.e. we worry and are scared, then we are sending him the same vibrations of fear, a negative energy, which he is going to pick up and it is not going to empower or help him in anyway but is more likely to weaken and disturb him and even disturb us in our driving.

Vibrations of love will keep us also in a positive state as you drive through the city. Besides, what is care or concern? It is you sending your positive energy to help another, and worry is definitely not that.

A very common example of the above belief which we all have gone through sometime or the other is when we are pretty late in coming back home from office. On reaching home, we are asked a thousand questions by our family members about where we have been and why hadn’t we bothered to call and also informed about another thousand negative assumptions they had made in that much time. Why? Because they had been worried for us.

We are normally surprised with the fact they are worrying, because 9 out of 10 times we are late because of a not so serious reason, but our family members explain that we were worrying for you because we care for you. But worrying is not caring. Worry is fear or anxiety and care is love or concern, they are two opposite emotions which can never exist together at the same time.

4 thoughts on “Do we confuse worry with concern?

  1. Dear Mr. Mehta

    This is something new that I have read. I do know about the vibrations and I also believe in the universal law. But I learnt today that worry n care is different.

    If ever u have a open reading sessions in Mumbai , do let me know..
    You must have one. It’ll be a terrific success.
    Thank you

    1. Thank you Kalyani… while worry is anxiety and concern is care..? Loosely speaking we think they are same, but intent is different. Second point.. Open reading session? I haven’t really given a thought and do not know much about it. Feedback shall be much appreciated.

  2. This is so me. I am a worrier by nature and this trait has been passed on to me by my parents. They still worry about us (although I am nearly 50) and all the grandchildren.
    So I am always worried about my daughter. She is a doctor ( peadiatrian) and works long hours. I always panic when she does not come home on time and she does not understand why I worry.
    You are right uncle ( apologies for calling you this) that when I worry, it makes it difficult for her to do her work properly. Hence as you have said, I am giving off negative energy.
    I understand her responsibilities but my mind is filled with assumptions.
    Reading your post has given me food for thought and I will try to reflect on my behaviour.
    Thank you for changing my thought process

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