Are We Living a Life of Purpose?

Are We Living a Life of Purpose? Learn from Mewar Vibhuti Pradhan Rai Pannalal (Bachhawat) Mehta

Living a life with a purpose can at times make the journey extremely eventful, both positive and negative, with different scenes which may be seen on the way. These scenes make the whole journey, not only challenging, but full of varying types of experiences. These experiences can at times not only provide learning, but also help in increasing various qualities and powers inside us. Every second on a journey of purpose should be given immense value, as it will help you take you to your destination in the shortest possible time.

Pradhan Mehta Rai Pannalal (1843-1919)

Eminent historian RK Gupta obverses in his book ‘Studies In Indian History: Rajasthan Through The Ages’, “On the 23rd December, 1869, the Maharana announced establishment of a new executive council called ‘Mahakma Khas’ and appointed Mehta Pannalal (1843-1919) as its Munshi (Secretary). In July 1870, Kothari Kesari Singh resigned from the post of Pradhan as he was opposed to the new changes in the administration of Justice. The post of Pradhan was not immediately filled up but Mehta Pannalal, the Munshi acted as the medium of communication between the ruler and the various branches of the administration. The work of Pradhan was handed over to Mehta Gokal Chand”.

Since the welfare and wellbeing of Mewar state was always foremost with Mehta Pannalal, the Sirdars & Umraos (the nobility) were envious of his growing popularity and began to conspire against Mehta Pannalal. In 1873, Mehta Pannalal, the Secretary to Mahakma Khas, was disappointed due to failure and non-acceptability of land reforms. The plan almost collapsed and the following year the scheme was abandoned.

Every different test that comes your way is not a test, but a learning experience that will make you more and more powerful. This is because in overcoming that test you will use your mind in different ways and come to a positive solution.

Some of us have a lot of enthusiasm inside us and are always busy in thinking about how our life purpose will be reached. We even enjoy the journey as it takes us to different places and we also meet different people. It also makes our life full of different types of positive relationships, all of whom help us in achieving our life purpose. Different people will hold our hand at various times in our life and we will learn a lot from them. That would not be possible if life was a predictable and routine filled journey.

Karan Vilas Mahal

“On the suspicion of poisoning Maharana Shambhu Singh, Mehta Pannalal was dismissed as Secretary and at once arrested and imprisoned on the 9th September, 1874 and kept in Karan Vilas Palace (popularly known as Rasoda). Maharana Shambhu Singh could not recover from his illness and breathed his last on 7th October, 1874. He was only 27 years old when he died. Mehta Pannalal requested for permission to accompany his funeral procession. His request was granted with two security guards attending on him. At Mahasatyaji (royal cremation ground at Aayad, Udaipur), he sat under a tree to take some rest, under the watchful eyes of the guards. He was attacked thrice with sword by unknown persons, believed to be at the instigation of royal women folks (zanana).”

Life brings with it many different types of surprises that we do not expect. Also, a journey of purpose that we all are undertaking in our respective lives, will bring with it different types of people, with different personalities and natures. On such a journey, there will be times, when the going can get tough, especially when you have in front of you a difficult person. Such a person may not have views similar to what you may have and it may be difficult to adjust to that. Also, such a person may sometimes take decisions or perform actions which you may not expect and this can take you by surprise. In such a case we need to check whether we are prepared enough to face such a person. Also we need to bring about changes in the self that will help us withstand or face such a person.

Very often, a single person can be so demanding that it can at times take long to adjust with that person inspite of constant efforts. Also, we may try and change the person to become like what we want but we may not achieve success in the same. A very common response to such a person is – they need to change whereas the right response is I need to change. I adjust my life journey and the path I am taking accordingly, so that the person does not become an obstacle in me achieving my purpose. Moulding yourself at every step and using your inner specialties and virtues is the hidden self-effort required from me. This is the foundation of achieving success inspite of difficult circumstances and difficult people standing in my way.


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