Is Profession of Soldiering a Routine Government Job?

Is Profession of #Soldiering a routine #government job? Watch this video, before you proceed:


I must quote the examples of US / UK and other countries. When the body of a martyr is brought back to US. The captain of the aircraft makes the announcement prior to taking off “we are privileged to fly back martyr —xyz— on his last journey back home” On arrival of the body of the martyr on US soil and his native place, water canon salute is given. Crew line up on tar to pay last respect. The CEO or the highest authority of the air port receives the body along with the Guard. All passenger stand in line till body is moved out.

But when the body of Major Varadarajan was being flown from Srinagar to Chennai, the Captain was requested by the officer accompanying the body to announce that Maj Vardrajan is on board on his last journey back home, the captain of the aircraft refused to announce that he is privileged to fly the martyr on his last journey back home, saying it will send a kind of bad feeling and omen to people flying and thus he will not do so. Incidentally there was another pilot who wrote small message of regretting such an incident. The body of soldiers are taken from the cargo gate which is indeed an insult. And we continue to accept it without highlighting it. It is only Mr Chandrashekher MP Rajya Sabha who is fighting a lone battle.

Body of Maj Varadrajan being taken out from Chennai airport

We need to introspect and make the nation aware that Profession of soldiering is not routine government job. It is different an elitism is must or else, we will have soldier also behaving like other government staff such as the famous DCs of Uttrakhand. Can nation afford soldiers behaving like government servants? I don’t think so. I heard in the news today that Doctors did not turn up in Chennai, the government staff in Haryana did not

turn up for their duties…… But soldiers did their best whole day.

That’s because they have it in them. What about those who don’t have it?

India is the only country where there are 400+ Lt Gen rank wearing police officers (Army has 83 Lt Gens, though being 1.3 million).

Jailed MLA of JD(U) in Bihar gets good police protection and Izzat..?

Out of 400 plus DG and ADG post officers, 40 plus are drawing salary equivalent of Army Commander from 25 years of service till they retire (even DG NDRF having strength less then 5 infantry battalions draw Army Commanders salary).
Another astonishing fact is that Indian police is only organisation in world to wear Rank batches of Lt Col in 2 years of service after two years of probation and trg. Our Majors and Lt cols address these 2 yrs mocked police boys as sir and M’aam, and our senior officers force this wrong precedence in name of liaison with civilian authorities.

Indian soldiers shouldn’t be denied their due rights. Read this post and you will know that DC’s, SPs and SDM’s hide themselves behind curtains in calamities.

I had an opportunity to glance through IDSA study which has been extensively quoted by the Pay Commission to deny or scale down the dues to Armed Forces personals. But I am surprised that the IDSA study did not mention that in US and UK soldiers get their pensions at the rate of 75% of their salary. Also when the US & European nations deploy their soldiers in war like situation or disaster relief operations they do not pay income tax.

I wish the study had made the mention that even while fighting Kargil war officers and JCOs paid the income tax, same is the case for J&K and NE insurgency. I was told that the income tax is also charged from the last salary of a martyr. which is nothing short of *national shame*

I wish these facts should have been included in the 7th Pay Commission (CPC). Since the IDSA study compared the purchasing power of other country soldiers vis a vis India. But the pay commission did not use this analogy while calculating and doling out three increments to IAS , IPS & IFS.

An army officer gets 31500/– for serving in Siachen but a central cadre officer gets 50000 to 70000 for serving in so called difficult areas such as Shillong, Imphal and Guwahati @ 30% of their salary (In Spite of the acknowledgement made by pay commission cell that most difficult area to serve with no parallel is Siachen).

uttarakhand-1 uttarakhand-3 uttarakhand-2iaf-rescue

During Uttrakhand Disaster relief operations, three DCs were literally not available during the critical days of disaster. Same was the case with SDMs and tehsildars. The SDM who was deputed to go to Kedarnath emerged only after five days of relief operation in vogue. DC preferred to park himself inside the Joshimath camp so that public can’t reach him. When DC was forced to go and see the condition on ground, the gentleman did not get down from the helicopter fearing that he might not be allowed by public to board the helicopter. DC Uttarkashi did not feel safe to visit and see the conditions of pilgrims at Gangotri and Harsil. The pilgrims kept asking, “Where is the administration, if the army has to do everything why is government spending poor men’s national wealth on them”

Indian Navy rescue team during Chennai floods in Dec 2015

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