Do You Know The Art Of Creating Positive Thoughts?

Whenever you start the day, create a few positive thoughts in your mind. Go for a walk or get ready for the day, keeping these thoughts and thinking about them. Also, ensure that before you do that, you read something which will fill your mind with positive thoughts.

It reminds me about Pradhan (Mewar) Mehta (Bachhawat) Gokal Chand (1807-78), who used to preach the power of positive thoughts to his children at #Mandalgarh Fort. Pradhan Mehta Gokal Chand, great grandson of former Pradhan Mehta Agar Chand, a very spiritual and gallant warrior, was appointed as Pradhan of Mewar and Kiledar of Mandalgarh Fort in 1856 AD by Maharana Swarup Singh. He was against Sati Pratha. On the 26th April, 1862, with the efforts of Pradhan Mehta Gokal Chand, the Council of Regency issued a proclamation regarding the prohibition of Sati.

Activity: Remember, if an empty mind tries to think positive and create positive thoughts, it tires easily and in fact feels stressed. Try one day creating positive thoughts after filling your mind with positive information and the next day create positive thoughts when your mind is completely blank and see the difference. The energy and enthusiasm which you feel inside yourself after thinking deeply with a mind full of positive thoughts is much more than with an empty mind.

This can be compared with the process of churning cream to get butter. If you try and churn an empty vessel without cream, will you get butter or if you try and churn a vessel partially filled with cream, will you get butter of a high quality?

On the other hand, you will experience tiredness. In the same way, when you have information in the mind, you build on it and multiply the positive information by adding new perspectives, viewpoints and angles to the knowledge. This is called churning of knowledge to create the butter of spiritual power.

So, always remember to backup positive affirmations in your mind with lots of extra information which is like a cushion on which you rest and play with the points of knowledge. It is like throwing a ball in a closed room and letting it bounce from wall to wall. In the same way, churning knowledge is not simply repeating what you have read but creating a movement of the knowledge inside the room of your mind. This helps in experiencing happiness as a result of that.

Such an exercise, when done over many days, creates soul power and strengthens our mind. In fact, it makes us extremely positive and free from negative and unnecessary thoughts that waste our mental energy when indulged in repeatedly.

Mehta Gokal Chand (1807-78) served his masters faithfully as Pradhan and in various capacities till his last breath, that is, up to the reign of Maharana Sajjan Singh. In 1878, Mehta Gokal Chand, Pradhan and Kiledar, passed away at Udaipur. All the 52 villages of Oswals at Mandalgarh were invited for the ‘mratyu-bhoj’ (meals ceremony on death). A Chatri (cenotaph) in his memory was built by the side of Jaleshwar Talaab at Mandalgarh.

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