What is Law of Attraction? Does Self-value bring self-security and a feeling of fearlessness?

What is Law of Attraction? Does Self-value bring self-security and a feeling of fearlessness?

Does the fear of communicating effectively exist inside you when you are appearing for a work interview? Is it due to personal insecurity? Most importantly, to feel secure in such situations, when the person whom you are faced with is in a position of power, you have to value yourself. Self-value brings self-security and a feeling of fearlessness.

It reminds me of a story from Guns and Glories about the high self-esteem and self-value of Mantri Kadua, the ancestor of Bachhawats and descendant of Raja Sagar, a Deora Chauhan. Upadhyay Jaysom Pathak (1593) writes in his book ‘Karam Chand Vanshho-Kirtankam Kavyam’,

“At Patan, after Vilha’s death, his elder son Kadua became Sanghpati and went to Chittor to settle down. Kadua at a young age of 22 years earned the respect of people of Chittor and was honoured by Maharana Laksha Singh (1382-1421). Once the Sultan of Malwa came to attack Chittor, Maharana Laksha Singh appointed Kadua as interlocutor. He successfully negotiated between Maharana & Sultan and forced Sultan’s army to return to Malwa. The Maharana was very happy with Kadua’s negotiating skills and honoured him by giving gold, jewellery and also conferred the title of Diwan Raj. Later, Kadua returned to his original place, Patan (Anhilpur), where he continued his work towards development of Jainism.” Kadua received the sanskars of self-value and fearlessness from both his grandmother Tara Devi and Jain Acharyas.

When someone is normally asked to talk about what his/her personality is like or what is his/her basic character traits are, they normally speak about their weaknesses. Very rarely does one speak of his/her strengths or positive personality traits. Realizing your strengths requires introspection. Meditation, based on the complete spiritual knowledge about the self, is one of the simplest methods to do this.

Once you realize your own strengths, you are able to value yourself immensely. If you value yourself, it does not matter so much to you whether another values you or not. However, if you aren’t able to value yourself, then doubts exist: Let’s see if this person values or respects me; perhaps this job is not for me; perhaps my communication skills are not very good. You need recognition and appreciation. Since you cannot give it to yourself (because you have not realized your strengths), you depend on others giving it to you.

You need to know that you are unique and that you are worth a great deal. If the other person does not value you it is their loss; they are losing something precious. If you are established in that self-esteem of Who am I, a very elevated consciousness and that awareness – your words and your body language will be sharp, secure and stable.

Within you, you value yourself; and if you value yourself, it will be easier for people to value you. On the other hand, if you do not like and respect yourself, you will cause the same energy, which you radiate, to come back to you from others.

Practice Workshop

You have to work on it in order to have more security, confidence and authoritativeness. Being secure and full of authority in the moment of communicating and expressing yourself requires practice and effort.

The method to bring about change is forgiveness

My thought for the day: Forgiveness means to have good wishes, cooperation, love, respect and faith. This becomes like a blessing for the one who needs to bring about change. Words spoken will then be powerful and easy. This will naturally bring faith in the other person in order to bring about natural transformation.

My reactions for the day: When I give only correction I forget to forgive. But when I first forgive I am able to remain cool and easy. I am also able to forget the intensity of the mistake. So when I forgive and forget in this way, my forgiveness itself becomes a correction for the other person.

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