What is my original nature? Peace & Love

What is my original nature? Peace & Love

I was saddened to read the posts of my dear ones from America. Their favourite candidate had lost the election to Presidency. Somewhere I find that most people want to be politically correct than accept the reality.

Don’t we all love democracy? It is governance by consensus. Our ideas and views may not always match majority views but as a team player, we need to support and not alienate from the system.

Always remember we are inherently peaceful and loveable souls and as we come in the cycle of birth and rebirth we lose these qualities and start becoming full of desires of different types. Expecting or desiring a certain type of behaviour from someone else is the root cause of all forms of anger. Also, desiring a certain type of situation, as per our liking is another cause of anger.

Both these desires, when not fulfilled, make us irritated or upset or even violent in some cases. On the other hand, accepting situations and people with ease is possible for those who are full internalised, with different qualities and powers. These qualities and power come with the help of spiritual knowledge and following a path to bring the spiritual knowledge in your life. The more spiritually strong we become, the more we are able to remain above changes in our life which are not as per our liking. Also, we remain stable when sometimes people close to us are behaving in a way, which is different from what we think is right or preferred.

Also fulfilment on an external level can sometimes make us egoistic. On the other hand internal fulfilment of different qualities makes us humble and uncomplicated in our dealings, a behaviour which satisfies people easily.

Who hurts my Ego? Myself 

Almost every day or every second day we come across a situation when someone says something to us which is not very pleasant or we chose to perceive it to be so. In either case, we feel insulted and get upset as a result. In some cases we react and display our feelings. In some, we don’t. One of my nieces says, “The purpose of staying here is over. I need to return.” Another friend write, “We could not sleep whole night and did not eat anything.”

In either case, the result is depreciation (decrease) in our happiness index. Why does this happen? It’s because you have created, attached to and identified with an image of yourself in your mind that does not match with how the other sees or perceives you, as a result of which you believe you have been insulted and you get upset.

Let us recall our holy scripture Shrimad Bhagwat Gita, Chapter 2, verse 62, “While concentrating on the senses of objects a person develops attachment to the sense object; from attachment desires are born; from desires anger arises.”

As long as people’s perception of you matches the image that you have created inside your mind of yourself, you are content with them, but as soon as the opposite happens, even if it is to a very small extent, you become disturbed, because you are attached to that image.

That’s why the phenomenon explained above is called in common language the hurting of the ego.

Stay blessed, always..!


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