Why are girls not allowed in temples at the time of their periods?

For men only. Personally, this answer is from my research from few sites. Women are the pillars of India’s respect. It is NOT that men have more value in temples than women. It is because of this science.

What is the Scientific Vedic Reason Behind the Issue?

Have you heard about “Chakras”? I learnt this during my training for Pranic healing, almost two decades ago. This question resurfaced during my morning walk last week. Let me explain here.

Human body is a part of those creatures which have a spinal cord. In our spinal cord, according to Rig Veda, three blood capillaries run which do the work of constantly transporting blood from the tip of your toe to the neurons of brain (read about Nervous system). These are named as IDA, PINGALA and SUSHUMNA naadiis. (Naadiis meaning nerves).It is said, that the blood concentrates at 7 particular points in these three blood capillaries.

The 7 points where these nerves meet and concentrate, are called CHAKRA. On the whole, seven chakras are called KUNDALINI (meaning the pot of power).

Each chakra is given a color, a presiding mantra, a position and is the base for a particular developmental trait of human. Look at the image below.

So, when women are undergoing menstruation, the MULADHAR CHAKRA (or the base chakra), the MANIPUR CHAKRA (or the solar-plexus chakra) and the ANAHAT CHAKRA (or the heart chakra) will reduce their vitality and vigilance skill, thereby reducing their respective blood concentrations. In order to maintain a stable equilibrium, the remaining chakras take the responsibility to boost up the process by increasing their concentrations to the optimum standards of body temperature and health.

This boosting up of concentration of a chakra is termed as CHAITANYAM. The concentrated chakras are the top two chakras, namely, the SAHASRARA or the AGNA. Iron, which resides in the hemoglobin of our blood will become polarized whenever it reaches these two chakras. Thus, at such juncture, the body will behave as a center of bioelectromagnetic wave terminal which captures the positive cosmic radiations. (Few people might laugh on this point but personally, I suggest you do a quick study on this.)

So, Sisters, you are actually a super-human than a normal human during your periods. Because of this magnetic and hormonal imbalance, you will have a different flux which is 20% different and more from the original one (60% different and more if it’s for the first time).

You will agree that there is already high intensity divine flux of energy in the garbhgriha of the temple. Because of this particular trait in women, during periods, the scriptures prevent her to enter a temple to avoid disturbance of the existing flux. The scriptures also say that during periods, females must be treated like God. It is exactly due to this feature only. On the whole, you become more powerful than the actual idol of the God in temple during periods. And, this power diminishes as your period diminishes.

Just for this reason, women are not allowed in temples. For if they are allowed, they will disturb the naturality of the premises. Is this then a bane for a feminine? Absolutely NO! I would say that this is a boon. Under periods, whatever a woman does will give her a double result. If, for example, you donate something and you get some punya in return, this will be double when in periods. Under periods, it is your personal time and it is your own responsibility to give your body proper food and nutrients and fill your mind with proper knowledge and use your potentiality to a great extent instead of roaming around and reducing your flux intensities.

Rig Veda says, “The best way of utilizing and storing this immense power is to take rest and give your time to spiritual and motivating matters”.

So, girls, take rest! Stay calm and strong. This doesn’t mean that you have to stay in home only. Wherever you are, stay calm and take rest. If your job is much physical, then take care much more about yourself so that you don’t stress out. This will reduce the probability of menstrual and muscle cramps. Respect the spiritual being in you. Don’t underestimate it!

As time passes, the periods don’t actually matter your life. In other words, they don’t affect your health much considerably as they did during their start. That means, the vigour of your chakras has lessened and thus, it indicates that you are an adult and you must start preparations for a stable journey of life further.

Hope my answer convinced you.

Are there are any mythological stories related to this? And want to share them here?

Women are the pillars of India’s respect. It is NOT that men have more value in temples than women. It is because of this science. Hence the women are NOT a menstrual taboo.

How does one manage stressful M’cycle?

During the menstrual cycle, the uterus contracts to help push the blood and tissue from the body. These contractions can cause menstrual cramps a girl might feel during her period. They can be uncomfortable, but they don’t happen for everyone. Cramps can be eased by taking over-the-counter medications, like acetaminophen or ibuprofen, which are available in drugstores and supermarkets. Stretching, sitting in a warm bath or using a heating pad on the abdomen or lower back can also help ease menstrual cramps. Exercise and eating healthy, especially before the period starts, can also help. It’s uncommon for cramps to be so bad that a girl has to spend the day in bed, but if that were to happen, she could visit a doctor to find out what’s going on.

Now, having known something about periods, let us know why does this become a barrier for a girl which prevents her to enter temples.

Scientifically what happens during menstrual cycle?

Periods occur during the menstrual cycle for females. This cycle prepares a girl’s body for pregnancy each month. If no pregnancy occurs during that cycle, hormones signal to the body to end the cycle. When the cycle ends, blood and other nutrients that have lined the uterus are released from the vaginal opening. This is called a menstruation or a period.

For each menstrual cycle (which lasts about 28 days but can vary widely), an egg (ovum) matures and is released from one of a girl’s two ovaries. The egg travels from the ovary, through a fallopian tube (there is one for each ovary) toward the uterus. As the egg travels, it sends hormonal signals to the body, telling it to develop a thick lining of blood and tissue inside the uterus. The job of this lining is to help the egg attach to the uterus, should it meet up with a sperm and become fertilized. If this happens, the fertilized egg latches onto the thick lining of tissue and blood, and a pregnancy begins.

While a cycle can last about 28 days, each girl’s cycle is different. A girl’s period can come anywhere from every 21 days to every 34 days. When a girl first starts getting her period, it might skip a month or she may have a period earlier or later than she thought it would come. This is a normal part of growing into an adult. Eventually, a girl’s cycle will stabilize, and it will be easier to know when to expect a period, though some girls have irregular periods—when their cycle can be a different number of days each month—their whole lives.


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  1. Thank you Sir for Information
    Sir have one doubt
    Can girls do meditation during mensuration (periods)
    Please reply Sir I confused in this point

  2. Thank you sir for sharing this information
    Thanks a lot, so nice sir ☺

    Sir I have one doubt sir
    during mensuration (periods) girls can do meditation ?
    Sir please reply
    I confused in this point

    1. Apologies for delayed response, as it skipped my attention. Thanks for asking this question. Let me begin with: Meditation plays an important role in dealing with PMS and pain during menstrual cycle. Period pain affects the abdomen and the lower abdomen region. So avoid Yog asanas. It is not easy to focus during anxiety, pain or when one is having cramps. But sitting or lying in comfortable position with dim lighting, color, sounds playing very important role when one wants to meditate. Menstruation is seen as being a purely natural condition of the body; inconvenient and sometimes uncomfortable, yes, but with no shame or taboo attached to it. Rather than shaming and restricting women for their bodies, the Buddha sympathized with the special difficulties that women undergo, and recognized that this sometimes makes things harder.

      So please, be happy to meditate whether menstruating or not. No promises, but you might even find that it helps ease the discomfort. At least it will bring you some peace. A lot of people confuse meditation with formal sitting meditation. Meditation is not really something you practice but more like a state of alert attention.

      The most important aspect of this is to practice before you need it. That way, when you need the effects of meditation they will be there for you. If you wait until you are feeling uncomfortable it will be more difficult to relax.
      I hope this is helpful.
      Take care

  3. Hello Mr Mehta,

    Thank you for such informative write up.
    In olden times, females also had to do lot of hard work, like fetching water from the wells, grinding the grains in those big grinders. So during these days , they we asked to be away , so that they could get some rest as well. This is wat my grand mom told me.

  4. Very well written and explained.If we look into our past every such thing had some or other scientific reason which we are unaware of today. Thanks for the information shared.

  5. Happened to read this blog today. Very well written Sir
    But the sad part is that there is no awareness about the same in our society.

  6. Thank you sir for sharing the concept of menstrual taboos. It makes us women feel proud of ourselves.

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