Is Karma a Powerful Tool for Personal Development?

Karma begins at the level of THOUGHTS

Our every thought, word and action is the energy that we create and radiate – this is our KARMA. Karma begins at the level of thoughts. If we create negative thoughts but speak beautiful words and do good actions, we are still creating negative energy. Karma is not only in the action, it is the intention behind the action, i.e. the thoughts.

The best way to think of karma is an energy that you’re creating every moment. Every action or thought, be it intentional or otherwise, generates this energy.

Apart from physical actions, karma is created mentally and verbally as well. At times, as you think of someone, that person calls you at that very moment and you exclaim, “I was just thinking about you!”

Thoughts are energy and are real, while your positive thoughts produce positive effects, negative thoughts create negative effects on people and surroundings. Therefore, a benevolent thought creates karmic income while ill-will or intense hatred for someone makes you incur karmic debt.

We have often observed that at times there is internal commentary going on about ill thought for someone, but you are being very sweet to him on the face. Ask yourself, “Do I actually feel good internally? Am I comfortable with myself? Is there calmness within me?”

Watch your thoughts

By Sacinandana Swami

Thoughts are like guests. Special guests. Even after they have left, their aura remains and it can have an impact on others. It is best to watch which thoughts you allow in and entertain, and which ones you show the door the moment they turn up.

Let me share an ancient short story with you about the power of thoughts – you will be amazed.

In the capital city of a small kingdom in India, there once lived a Merchant who was also a close friend of the King. On one occasion, the King rode in his chariot followed by his royal entourage, and the regal ensemble headed for the street where the merchant lived. As the royal procession was passing by, the merchant rushed out of his house to greet his friend the King. Their eyes met and they courteously exchanged smiles; but within the King’s mind, a little hatred manifested itself.

Upon arriving at His palace, the King immediately called for his very trusted and faithful minister who was also highly intelligent. The King sadly revealed to the minister about the momentary ill feelings he experienced towards his friend, the Merchant. He then commissioned His minister to find the reason why.

So, on the next day, the minister set out to pay the merchant a visit during the midday lunch break. The merchant was delighted to receive the minister and since it was lunchtime, he fittingly asked the minister to join him for a meal, as it was tradition to welcome an “atithi” (guest).

After having lunch, the minister went to the back yard of the merchant’s house to wash his hands and mouth. Whilst performing his ablutions, he caught sight of a huge pile of expensive sandalwood. Returning back into the house, the minister enquired from the merchant about the sandalwood, upon which the merchant expressed his disappointment.

It had been an enormous capital investment, which on account of its high price, the merchant had not found a customer and so the costly item of investment remained untouched for a long time.

It could only be sold when a King dies, for it would be used to cremate His body.

The intelligent minister said, “Have no fear, I shall relieve you of your burden immediately by buying it all.” He then quickly took away all the sandalwood and subsequently ordered the Royal Treasury to pay the merchant in full.

The explanation being that when the merchant saw his friend the King during the royal procession, he thought of his precious sandalwood and for an instant, he unintentionally wished for the untimely death of the King. It was for this reason that the King felt ill will towards His dear friend the merchant.

It was a simple exchange of bad vibrations – unwanted bad thoughts which almost ruined a valuable friendship.

Therefore, the saying goes: Watch your thoughts for they can make or break relationships.

Essence of Karma
  • Our every thought, word and action is the energy that we create and radiate – this is our KARMA. Situations and people’s behaviour is the energy we receive – this is our DESTINY.
  • We experience the energy of our thoughts while creating them. Then they radiate and the other person also creates similar thoughts for us which we receive. So, we experience while giving and while receiving.
  • Karma begins at the level of THOUGHTS. If we create negative thoughts but speak beautiful words and do good actions, we are still creating negative energy. Karma is not in the action, it is the intention behind the action, i.e. the thoughts. Slow down this inner conversation, because it blocks our natural energy of happiness and love.
  • Knowledge of the Law of Karma empowers us to create right karma in the present. We take personal responsibility of situations coming to us; we do not blame anyone because we know it is a return of our earlier karmas.
  • Irrespective of the karma that the other person does, always remember they are a pure, beautiful soul. This consciousness keeps our flow of love natural and radiates respect to them.
  • When we have to give a correction for someone’s mistake, it has to be given with vibration of love. Negative energy from us, makes them justify their mistake and then not correct it.
  • Anger attacks the person and talks about the past. Assertiveness talks about the mistake and solution for the future – clear, powerful instruction is being assertive. Do not attack and criticise. Understand the situation other person is in. more important is the transfer of energy than the instructions.

When you truly understand what Karma means, it can be used as a powerful tool for personal development.


7 thoughts on “Is Karma a Powerful Tool for Personal Development?

  1. Sir, you explained methis concept other day during morning walk also and after reading this beautiful analysis , it is more clear.
    However, I donot feel the vibration I may be receiving by someone else’s thoughts for me. Is there a way to understand or feel the same. Please guide.

    Thanks for this deeply thought article on beginning of karma with thoughts.

    1. The law of universe never neither blesses us nor punishes us. It only responds to the vibrations of our thoughts, attitude and behaviour. everything that is happening in our life is energy coming towards us, it is the consequence of previous energy sent by us. Sometime the consequence will come after a long time gap, can also be in the future births, but whatever is coming to us is the return of what we have sent earlier, in the form of thoughts, attitude and behaviour.

      One may not always feel the vibrations, but consequences can be observed later, as mentioned above. Somebody’s body or mind may not be sensitive enough, due to various biological or other factors. The regular practice of meditation can help improve and sensitise the the sixth sense. Remember, meditation is the nourishment for mind; whereas food for the body.

    2. Dear Sunil, … our thoughts should not be of the problem or of the desire for a solution.
      If we create thoughts, ‘I WANT to be healthy, happy OR I wish my relationship was better – these thoughts have doubts, desire or fear.
      Our thought should be of faith, in present tense, “I AM healthy, MY relationship is perfect, etc.”

  2. What goes around comes back. that’s why I pray Nanak naam chadadi kalaa tree bhane sarbat ka bhala

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