What is Royalty? The royalty of personality lies in being cheerful

A royal person maintains his royalty and poise in all circumstances. Cheerfulness in all situations is royalty. There might be situations challenging my state of self-respect and happiness. But I will continue to move forward with a sense of self-respect and positivism.

I recall from Guns & Glories, that Raja Ravi Varma visited Udaipur on Saturday 6th, April, 1901. Raja Ravi Varma writes in his biography, ‘Portrait of an Artist: The Diary of C. Raja Varma’,

“Among titled native gentlemen, who I know or knew intimately, was Fatehlal Mehta.”

Friday, 17th May, 1901

This morning Fatehlalji, now friend, invited us to an evening party in his beautiful garden (Sarvaritu Vilas). His father and uncles were also present. We were introduced to his father, Rai Pannalal Mehta, a magnificent old gentleman with ‘royalty’ and poise.

Raja Ravi Varma fell in love with the character and persona of Pannalalji. He continues in his autobiography:

Monday, 24th June, 1901

This evening we went to Fatehlalji’s garden, where his father was photographed under our direction by a local photographer. We afterwards walked through the garden, which is one of the most verdant spots in the city.

Tuesday, 25th June, 1901

Rai Pannalal Mehta, our friend’s father, sat to us this evening for his portrait which we intend finishing at home, as our departure is approaching. His features are very regular and his complexion is fair. He has a dignified and noble air. He was the Dewan of the state for nearly thirty years and had during his administration introduced many reforms of improvement. The monsoon appears to have commenced today.

My creative visualisation: “Today I will remain seated on my secret of self-respect in all I do. I will order situations, my mind and my own sense organs whilst seated on this seat. I will not come down and get coloured or affected by the negativity of the situation”.

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